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[ctt template=”8″ link=”lg5HV” via=”no” ]To me, clothing is a form of self-expression  – there are hints about who you are in what you wear.  Follow me on Twitter – @stylelifesusana[/ctt]

Clothes have a way of showing what our personality is and in many ways showing or revealing what we are feeling deep down inside.

When I’m feeling sad and down, almost to the point (for that short moment only) that I’ve given up on the actual day, I will wear black (as it is my comfort colour but also, what I hide behind), and I also look for clothes that are quick, simple and comfortable. They are usually leggings, combat boots, a t-shirt dress and a cardigan.

And when I am feeling happy, fiercely strong, on the verge that I could conquer the world, its then that I will dress to express how I am feeling at that moment: fabulous, happy and strong! It will have whatever colour I feel connected to.

Fashion to me is art and a form of expression but also, my go to ongoing therapist.


Sometimes even when you are feeling like shit and I know that it may take a lot of will power and massive self convincing, but sometimes putting on even just a favourite t-shirt or jacket can help booster your mood.

The power of fashion is more than just looking good but it is also a way of improving our self esteem, elevating our mood and our well-being. Putting on different clothes creates different thoughts and mental processes can help you make way out of your down funk.


Here are some ways you can inject some positivity, fire and energy back into your mood and slowly make the dark clouds surrounding you break away and bring through the suns rays:

?  Colours definitely have a way of changing the way we feel. Adding more colours to your wardrobe will make a HUGE difference your to your mood and spirits energy. Colours such as green will help to feel more balanced, earthy tones like brown will help you to feel more grounded, and colours such as orange and yellow will give you more energy and feel positive and whereas red will help you to feel strong, firey and sexy too! Adding even just accessories that have colour to an all black outfit will still impact and improve your mood.  I’ve never been one of those girls who loves to wear a face full of makeup but I know when I put on just even a little bit of make-up, it can help to change my mood and confidence, instantly!! So even if I only just put on mascara and do my eyebrows, it can change the whole energy of my self-confidence dramatically! One small thing can do wonders and help us to feel empowered again!

?  I don’t know about you but for me, when I am about to start my night-time skin care routine, I always put my hair up. And what amazes me, is that A LOT of the times, I somehow do this new and cool style – by accident mind you – and BAM! Here I am standing in front of the mirror, no longer grumpy, tired and feeling happy and fabulous!! Getting a new haircut, or even just going to the hairdressers to get your hair washed and blow dried will help to change your mood and get you smiling again. I recently just did it last week and it changed my mood right around!! Even just watching Youtube videos of hair tutorials can give you ideas and help you to try a different hair style.

?  Who here has a few items in their closet that are you’re all time favourite? It can be that vintage New Kids On The Block tour t-shirt (for me its Bros), or a denim jacket you bought on a trip away or basically a pair of leggings you bought on sale. It doesn’t matter what, where or how you bought it – this clothing item just makes you feel amazing for whatever reason. Go and put that item on, and you will soon see that your mood will change for the better.

Trust your instincts. We all get influenced by what is happening in out in the streets of Milan, Paris or London, hell even the Kardashians can influence (yes I said that!) us in some way, one way or another.


[ctt template=”8″ link=”lg5HV” via=”no” ] Only YOU can know what suits you. [/ctt]


For example, ultra feminine styles like Lauren Conrad won’t suit me, as I’m prefer to wear more edgy, rock, street style influenced and I like to experiment. This is a perfect example of what you’d most likely see me in if you were to bump into me in the street, whether on the weekend or during the week.

Now if I can have a winter off-duty off style that combines comfortability and style – definitely, always count me in! I’m completely certain that you already have a killer style and know what works for you. So my advice is: embrace it, use it, and refine it but don’t change it.



Top, cargo skinny pants by Zara (bought in Portugal) and ankle lace up boots by Aldo (also bought in Portugal)


Tell me what is your winter off-duty style. What style, more or less, do you tend to wear alot in winter? What is your winter signature style? I would love to know in the comments below xoxo

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