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Your right! You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone and more to the point you are gorgeous but you do not see what others see in you. I can relate to your narrative too, I was always worried about being seen as different. For the longest time I wished I was blonde and blue eyed but now I am a bit more comfortable in the way I look than before. By the way fierce photoshoot mama , keep being strong. Hope you are feeling better this week xxx

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Winter Is Coming / Why Fashion Has No Age Limit for a Woman
Yes gurl you better preach.I agree that age has no impact on what you should and shouldn’t wear and since when did fashion have so many rules?I remember speaking to a work colleague who was pointing out an older woman who was wearing a mini skirt and he proclaimed ‘oh my god why is she wearing that, at her age’. I turned around and said to him A. I think she looks great and B. age should not affect your style. Even when I am old I am still going to wear whatever I like! x

Prince: One Year Later
He was a true legend and possessed a creativity and spark that many modern musicians seem to lack. For me Micheal Jackson was the best artist the world has ever seen but Prince was nevertheless a force to be reckoned with. Thank goodness that you got to see him perform!

How to Be Your Own Handyman Girl
I agree, you don’t need a man to teach you to do things around the house and I like that your dad encouraged you to embrace activities regardless of how gendered society makes tasks to be. Point is if your a man, woman, Trans or gender fluid you can have control over ‘handy type tasks’ x

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