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Why Its OK To Be Different

Why Its Ok To Be Different | Style & Life by Susana
There are six billion people in the world but remember... there is only ONE YOU

Your self worth is determined by you. You don’t have to depend on someone to tell you who you are.

Ever since I can remember I have always tried to keep up with the “cool kids” and dreamt about being the popular girl in school. I know that I’m not the only one who struggled with the same thing but ever since I was a kid in primary school, and even more so in high school.

I was severely picked on and bullied for being weird, a loner, obsessed with Prince and Madonna, a witch (apparently I had a witches laugh… OK, whatever) and also because I had no tits (as flat chested as an ironing board I was in high school. LOL!). I tried for so very long to try to fit in and dress like the cool kids.

Even a couple of years ago, even still as an adult I would try to be like everyone else and be looking at all of the gorgeous bloggers and models, and try to copy the way they did their Instagram posts: the poses, the styling of the clothes, the flat lays… it all got to a point where I crashed and had to go off social media for a month to really look into my soul and finally face who I am, what is my style and love & accept my personality.

We now live in a world where more and more where we are bombared with gorgeous images of celebrities and super models with the seemingly perfect life: fancy cars and clothes, money to through away and where apparently that is the goal to achieve in life. And if you’re not like that, well you’re nobody really.

It’s no wonder why so many people get more depressed and experience anxiety and mental health issues.

I still go through moments where I still (unfortunately but not as much) compare myself to another blogger who is getting more likes, comments on every social media platform than me (seriously how can you not?), that I end up questioning myself and become my own worst critic.

I started to wish I was drop dead gorgeous, with a body to die for, with perfect teeth – basically just somebody everyone would want to know and hang out with…. I have stood in front of the mirror more times than I would like to admit, hating what I look like and just desperately wishing I was someone else.

Why Its Ok To Be Different | Style & Life by Susana
Why Its Ok To Be Different | Style & Life by Susana

“I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I only have to follow my heart and concentrate on what I want to say to the world. I run my world.” Beyoncé 

Why Its Ok To Be Different | Style & Life by Susana
Why Its Ok To Be Different | Style & Life by Susana

When I took that month of social media, I sat back, looked at my clothes in my wardrobe, looked at all of the books, CD’s, DVD’s I have collected over the years, went over old photographs and had a deep look at who I am and realised, yes I am weird and eccentric, a tad out there with what I’m into but all in all, I think I’m a pretty cool awesome chick, with a unique sense of style.

Sure I got into the blogging business a little later than others but I believe I have a unique voice and vision, and there is NO set age or time limit to have to achieve and follow your dreams.

I look at all the bloggers that I follow on Instagram and so many of them (no disrespect whatsoever to them – it works for them) are WAY too similar in the way they post their photos, style and wear their clothes, the presentation of their flat lays, the colour schemes of their feeds etc …basically they all (are a reflection) and resemble each other. And there is no way that I for one, can compete with that or even want to mirror the same style… it just doesn’t work in with my personality and nor do I want to lose who I am and be inside someone else’s vision.

Once I took that time off social media, I took away the pressure to have to compete to be like the popular gorgeous bloggers and decided to be me. It was like a weight had lifted off of my shoulders and the heaviness of the pressure (on myself) to want to be like someone else went away. I embraced… ME.

Sure I don’t get excessive likes and comments like most of the bloggers do but I am proud to be different, slightly left off centre – as they say.

It is all me: all of the quirky, arty farty, creative, pop culture, 90’s supermodel poser wanna-be, raw story telling from my heart posts, are ME.

I allowed my artistic vision and integrity to be incorporated into what I wanted to show on my posts on Instagram and on my blog.

I don’t want to be like every other fish in the sea, floating by in their large school group. I want to be that one fish, who probably has a bug eye popping out, with a spiky fin shorter than the other, looking abnormal but happy to be left behind the other fish while shaking my tail and singing out loud to Nsync’s classic song, ‘Bye Bye Bye’ instead of the latest generic Justin Bieber (sorry to all of the Beliebers out there) song. I know its a weird analogy – again that is me but I hope you get what I mean.

Why would I want to be another version of another person, who is like another person, who they are also like another person and so on and so forth. Nothing wrong with the minimalist, black & white, peach, baby pink etc etc colours inspired feeds on Instagram  – but once you’ve seen one, two, three hundred versions, they all end up blending into each other and become boring. Thats when I click unfollow or scroll up for something more exciting. I want to see something different, I want to see – you. Why be a duplicator, when you are and can be – an original?!


Now don’t get me wrong,

I’m not saying at all you can’t be inspired by anyone.

Of course you can!

I know, I am!!


You will always be inspired by someone or something, that it will resonate within your spirit and soul, it will help you to discover further more about yourself and open your eyes to the world on another level.

But let me just say that there is a difference to being inspired than replicating (copying) another person.

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Be proud of the person  you are.

Own it!

Stand proud!


Be authentic and use that to grow and move ahead in life. Less time wishing to look like Kylie Jenner and more time on embracing the amazing and awesome you!

At the end of the day, in time people will respect, appreciate and respond more to you for being you’re own authentic self, staying true to who you are. So embrace it and use it to your advantage.

You are beautiful and there is no one like you.

Why Its Ok To Be Different | Style & Life by Susana


Lace sleeveless top by H&M, boyfriend ripped jeans & lace-up heels by Zara, and jewellery by Bijou Brigette [ all pieces bought in Portugal]

Why Its Ok To Be Different | Style & Life by Susana
Why Its Ok To Be Different | Style & Life by Susana

Photography by Michelle Tulemija / location: Johnstone’s Park, GeelongAustralia

Why Its OK To Be Different 2

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