Written by: Elise Morgan

In the era of modern social networks like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook etc, it’s all about our exterior. Especially since all of the celebrities decided to get on the bandwagon to get closer to their fans.

We are now seeing the most expensive and trendy outfits every minute of every hour, and it all somehow stays deeply in our subconscious. We are trying as much as we possibly can to always look like we are going to meet our exes, but why we are doing it is the thing that really matters.

Clothes Actually DO Make The Man

As bad as this may sound, it is the clear truth. And no, this doesn’t refer to who you are as a person, it reflects on how you feel. When you look at yourself in the mirror wearing a sloppy hoodie and a pyjama bottoms, while your hair is all greasy and tied into a bun on the middle of your head, you just feel… Bad. Then, the most common thing that happens is that your girlfriends invite you to go to the cinema or to hangout in café, and you decline their invitation because your appearance affected your mood earlier and you don’t feel like going anywhere. As logic would have it, they will then probably get mad and your day will end up worse than it was in the first place.
Now, on the other hand, when you decide to let go of your laziness, put on some makeup, a nice hairstyle and a groovy cocktail dress just to go for a walk with your besties, you will feel like a million-dollar babe.

It is clear that once you put on a certain item of clothing, you will automatically adopt some of its characteristics without even realizing. Did you also notice how, when you are into girly outfits you are in a full-Barbie like girl mood, and once you put on your black jeans and a black leather jacket with biker boots you are all into that: “don’t mess with me” mood?

Trends vs Sexpectations

Now, the trends are probably our biggest problem . When we are engaging in a certain trend, or buy a particular item of clothing, we are automatically sending a vibe to the world that we now belong to that special club of people who know all about fashion. After all, the fashion industry completely relies on OTHER PEOPLE’S OPINIONS, except when it comes to men’s vision of women’s clothing.

As a person who owns a computer, has internet access and a smart phone, you are surely aware that women’s fashion has changed completely over the last few years. The fashion has officially became gender neutral, which is great if you ask me and FINALLY OH MY GOD!

We now have oversized sweaters, hoodies and jackets, shapeless tops, baggy high waisted jeans (YAY!) etc, all in all “zero exposure clothing” (which is also great because, you know, why should everybody have insight into your curves and your overall body, right?). Of course, our dear men are not satisfied with this at all. Some even claim that women don’t even look like women anymore.

This leads us to the major question: “Is there any rule on how to look like a woman? Because this morning I actually checked to if I’m still a woman and who would’ve known, my breasts and my lady bits were still attached to my body. Do you have some sort of, ‘How To Look Like A Woman’ book to sell or…?”

On a serious note now, what is it with these sexpectations? Do I need to break my ribs in a corset and bind my legs in a pencil skirt while teetering on my toes around all day in a pair of high stilettos? Hello 17th century!

They claim that they like girls that are natural, but when you get in front of them with your ‘natural’ appearance, they will tell you that you are sloppy, unfeminine and that you don’t care about how you look.

If, on the other hand, you go for that overall polished look and use little bit more makeup they will tell you that you’re vain and arrogant.

Basically, the only way we could please men would probably be walking down the streets in our lingerie or even, naked.

What I want to say is, of course, you can’t please everyone and it is your choice how are you going to look, but the most important thing is that you are satisfied in your own skin.

If you feel attractive when you wear a satin dresses for example, wear them every day and everywhere if you want. If you feel attractive in trendy garments (you go girl, get that Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian vibe!) which are allegedly non-feminine (boo-hoo) – then go for it!

The world is always going to judge, but the one opinion that matters, is an opinion of a person who stares at you from your mirror (and your mommy of course). Stay trendy, and more importantly, stay loyal to yourself – xoxo.

Do you care what other people think of what you wear? And do you dress to impress others, or yourself?

Elise xx  

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