I have been hearing that coffee is good for skin …

Comment on Why Coffee Is Good For Your Face by Jane Shussa.

I have been hearing that coffee is good for skin but I have been so hesitant to try it! I am glad you shared this, I come from a country where we have plenty of Arabica coffee Time to take advantage of that. Thanks, Susana

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3 Ways to Wear a Suede Dress for Valentine’s Day
I have had my love for brown shoes for a long time… but I dont own any dress or skirt of that color, time to get myself a suede brown dress. I cant go wrong with these tips here. Thanks, Susana

The High Low Skirt
This look is just perfect on you and just for $2.00, what a bargain! You should wear more skirts, Susana. You look amazing on them. And that Tee is everything….we all need to keep dreaming and shining like the starts we are.

Celebrating Our Wedding Anniversary | Six Years
Aah Susana, this is so beautiful. I am so happy for the both of you. I wish you two stay forever as the Super Tarzan glue, hahaha. And I know your father is watching over you and he is happy and proud of you.

Wood Watches by JORD | Product Review
I love how you reviewed this, and I agree… this is a beautiful timeless piece plus it is made out of wood, who wouldn’t love this? I love the quote at the back of this beautiful watch. Unbreakable…

RUOK, Susana? Thank you for sharing this. I totally agree, when you ask a person who looks down if they are OK it makes all the difference. For them knowing that even a single person cares to ask is really helpful. And yes, talking about how you feel helps so much to relieve the burden your heart feels. I hope you win this battle soon, Susana.