Comment on Why Coffee Is Good For Your Face by Candace.

Thanks for the eye trick! I used to purchase this eye cream from MAC with caffeine…I think it was the Fast Response Eye Cream…but this method is a lot cheaper and natural! I’ll have to try the body scrub as well 🙂

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Celebrating Our Wedding Anniversary | Six Years
Wow, happy 6 years babe! What a blessing from God to still be in love and together for so long. Your husband sounds like a great man. I love seeing and hearing about your happiness 🙂

The same way you find fashion therapeutic is how I find makeup. Whenever I’m having a great day, I like to add color. When I’m not, I just don’t care and don’t wear any haha. Fashion is definitely a way I express myself and it’s just so fun to do!

AMR: 18 in 1 – Haircare with Argan Oil
I haven’t tried any AMR hair products yet, but from my experience, most products with argan oil in them work really well for my natural hair. I have to look into this brand. Always on the lookout for products that work 🙂

Hit By Love
You were a lot stronger than I would have been in 10 years time. I honestly probably would have killed him, or myself for sticking around that long. Thanks so much for sharing your story. It helps me learn more about where the strength and rawness of most of your posts comes from!

I had no idea Madonna was so into yoga. I learn something new every day! I’ve always wanted to try yoga to gain more flexibility and to relieve stress. Hip hip yoga sounds amazing though!

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