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What to Wear to a Springtime Wedding: Outfit Ideas for Him & Her

What to Wear to a Springtime Wedding: Outfit Ideas for Him & Her | Style & Life by Susana
What to Wear to a Springtime Wedding: Outfit Ideas for Him & Her | Style & Life by Susana

When embarking on a life together, the spring season is thematically perfect for a wedding. But the weather can be a little difficult to predict, making outfit planning pretty tough for wedding guests.

For the guests of spring weddings this year, we’ve teamed up with premium retailer of high waisted jeans, Trilogy Stores, to find out how to weave the trends, the style, and practicality needs of a spring wedding into outfits for men and women.

Trends to Watch Out for This Spring

For outfit inspiration, take a look at the seasonal trends as a starting point. Many of these trends will apply to both men and women, so it’s worth taking a look at these first:

   ⛪ Coral colours: Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2019 is ‘Living Coral’, so expect to see this warm, pastel hue cropping up in fashion and in wedding trends throughout the year. It’s certainly going to see its moment during the springtime, with its blossom-evoking undertones. Think coral-coloured ties to add a splash of colour, or coral shawls to cover-up against the cold.

   ⛪ Minimalism: After chasing highly-embellished dresses, wedding trends are set to cool down to a more sleek, minimal look thanks to the Meghan Markle effect. Guests can take note of this too, and embrace the ‘less is more’ mentality for their outfits.

   ⛪ Eco-friendly themes: Sure, the idea of florals for spring brings the cutting tone of Meryl Streep’s Miranda Priestly to mind, but florals will certainly fit the eco-friendly theme set to take hold of weddings across the country. Couple this with some eco-friendly shopping and the minimalism trend and you’ll have crisp, smooth look without fiddly synthetic embellishments.

Wedding Guest Outfit for Women

What to Wear to a Springtime Wedding: Outfit Ideas for Him & Her | Style & Life by Susana
Credit to Bianca Spender

We’ll start by putting together a women’s wedding guest outfit based on these trends. Florals, as mentioned, are a tried-and-true essential for spring.

You can opt for large or small floral prints; both are absolutely on-trend, and it’s just down to preference.

Add in a little pastel pizzazz too! Opt for floral prints that use a shade close to the ‘Living Coral’ shade that’s set the theme of 2019 to make an effortless nod to the current trend.

You can use this for dresses, skirts, shirts, or even as an accent with a coral-coloured accessory, like a thick bangle or coral-gemstone earrings.

You can channel these trends through any of your preferred clothing styles.

For example, if you’re not a fan of dresses, an elegant jumpsuit can look so sophisticated, and it’s set to be a big trend at weddings throughout 2019.

Wedding Wire are calling it a ‘fashion-forward style’ for guests, and the best part is that they can be dressed up or down to adapt to pretty much any dress code! When picking a jumpsuit, keep the shape simple and avoid too many embellishments for a really streamlined look.

There’s also the catwalk-hot trend of coloured tailoring — that is, two-pieces sticking to one colour, in loose and light materials ready for spring. Nod to Pantone’s Colour of the Year with a pastel two-piece and you’ll have yourself the perfect spring wedding outfit.

To put together an easy springtime look, consider a simple black skirt with a flowing floral wrap-top. Keep your shirt looking formal with a pick from designers such as Rixo Clothing matched with a sophisticated pencil skirt.

Square-toed shoes are proving popular lately on Instagram, if you’re looking for social media appeal. In particular, square-toed satin flats are having their moment on the catwalk and on social media, and they make a great addition to your springtime wedding outfit.

The last step is to tie everything together in your outfit. A top tip to make any outfit look elegantly and effortlessly put together is to consider a matching bag and shoes combo. Pick a colour, material, pattern, or all of the above and blend them through your choice of shoes and bag to really tie up your outfit nicely.

Wedding Guest Outfit for Men

What to Wear to a Springtime Wedding: Outfit Ideas for Him & Her | Style & Life by Susana

There has been a casual note to menswear for weddings in the recent years.

But according to Brides Magazine, this is set to take a sharp U-Turn back to the classic expectations. That means a much more tailored look, and absolutely no to jeans and t-shirts, even if it’s a ‘casual’ dress code!

Of course, as a guest, you don’t need to match the groom’s three-piece suit, but it can be a good option for layering.

Spring can be a tricky one to predict, and a three-piece suit will let you add or remove layers as needed without compromising your look.

Investing in a high-quality white shirt is a smart move, not only for wedding outfits but as a staple in your wardrobe.

Avoid a white jacket though, as you don’t want to be seen as trying to outshine the groom!

Instead, opt for a light blue jacket to bring out the spring feeling. If you want to make sure your outfit is catwalk-approved, pick a double-breasted jacket — it’s set to be all the rage in spring this year, with the likes of Louis Vuitton and Burberry both showcasing their versions on the runways recently.

Steer clear of sandals, no matter how nice the spring might be! Instead, opt for a pair of smart black derby shoes — they go with pretty much any outfit, and are light enough to be comfortable if it’s sunny, and sturdy enough in the weather turns grey.

Some carefully-picked accessories can make for a brilliant echo of the season’s trends. A pastel-coral tie or pocket square can certainly pop for a springtime feeling. If you’re attending with a partner, this can be a cute way to match up without looking cheesy if you both have an accessory with the same colour on.

Keep minimalism and simplicity in mind this year, and your spring 2019 wedding outfit is sure to hit all the right notes.

What to Wear to a Springtime Wedding: Outfit Ideas for Him & Her 1

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