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Winter Is Coming / Why Fashion Has No Age Limit for a Woman


A Reality Check for Women of ALL Ages


“Not only does society suffer from racism and sexism, but it also suffers from agesim. Once you reach a certain age you’re not allowed to be adventurous, you’re not allowed to be sexual. I mean is there a rule? Are you supposed to just die?” Madonna

Oh, winter is definitely on its way!! While here in Australia, down the southern end we have been so incredibly lucky to have had the warm weather up until last week, but the cold weather is now starting to set in. Today is meant to be a top of 14 degrees!! 14 degrees!! Can you believe that?! Brrrrrr! So I am completely rugged up today.

I’ve got my asymmetrical poncho cardigan that I bought at Cotton-On, along with my trusty turtleneck (bought at Mango in Portugal) and my ever true love Zara military ankle boots (yes, yes, they appeared a few times on this blog. What can I tell you? I truly TRULY love them!!).

But today I want to speak and share about something that I am so incredibly passionate about, and truly believe in my whole heart and soul, with every fiber in my body, that in this day and age, find it so baffling that society finds it either wrong or are turned off by a woman over the age of thirty-five or more, to want to continue living in this world, so to speak.


Let me just start by saying you may either de-follow me, unsubscribe or continue to follow me in support, after what I’m about to say – and you know what, that is OK. I just want to say I am not going to be one of those bloggers who will be dictated by what an ‘older’ blogger should be, should wear or should act and/or behave all just because I am, of a ‘certain’ supposed age.

As a woman, I just want to say I will not allow to be caged in because of the number of years I have lived on this earth. I will express myself as my heart desires, as my soul needs to speak, as my spirits needs to shed another layer of skin to continue on its journey of life.

I won’t allow society to put me into a ‘home’ or a should I say a ‘prison’ because it feels threatened, unnerved by a (so to speak) ‘mature’ person still growing, dreaming and wanting to achieve all of their dreams desires, be it in a public way or not.

I will not be stereotyped by my age or gender. If it unnerve you, the question then should be asked: ‘why?’

What is it that scares you about a person of a certain age that wants to continue to live their life, that refuses to be placed into an aged category and be deemed, ‘old’ by their date on their birth certificate.

Winter Is Coming / Why Fashion Has No Age Limit for a Woman 1

Because lets be honest: TO AGE IS A SIN



Missguided Jeans / military ankle boots by Zara / turtleneck by Mango / vintage poncho cardigan by Cotton-On

Winter Is Coming / Why Fashion Has No Age Limit for a Woman 2

As a woman we are criticized (whether you realise it or not) and you will be vilified for wanting to continue to live and express your thoughts, loves, passion, feelings etc. I think the most controversial thing is to want to continue to strive after the age of 35.

My father always told me to fight against the: “could not, would not or I must not”. Resist all of the doubters and naysers to become stronger. Become a fighter, never give up and never allow someone to treat me differently because of my age or gender.

As the saying goes, I shall shake what my mama and papa gave me. I will not and shall not be caged into a supposed ‘what is expected once you are over 40’ to be. There is no age limit to express my hearts desire, my dreams, my eccentricity, my artistic and creative expression.

Please know, I am NOT having a melt down and I am not going through ‘that change’ (just in case you did assume that… again another stereo type for a woman’s behavior or actions). I am just expressing and showcasing my worth as a woman in this ever changing youth obsessed world, that I will not be pushed aside and be made silent, and conform to a stereotype. I too have a right to exist, and have so much to give, to explore, to live and to show.

So you are going to see a blogger that is going to continue to be her true self and not conform to the ageist minority society that exists. I will continue to be my authentic fabulous fashionable self and kick ass in my Manolos and wear BooHoo.ComH&MPretty Little Thing or whoever I so desire.

Because you know what, I too have that right and I know what looks good and can pull it off. So don’t label me, or put a tape across my mouth or put me into a nursing home just yet. I will decide when  I will hang up my size 32 A bra and let my boobs hang free, go grab my crochet and sit in my rocking chair and knit away (again, another stereo type). I will make that decision myself and not society.

Look at Iris Apfel, Madonna, Elle MacPherson, Beyoncé and Oprah Winfrey  (just to name a few) for inspiration who decide to keep on living and striving, and not conform to what society tells them what they should do or how to be.

So in the meantime, continue to watch me as I aim to not be part of that minority gang and I will ‘rebel’ and make a difference in the system and be a voice for the up coming generation if I can be.

You can be whatever you want to be, at whatever age you are. YOU are in control of YOUR destiny.

Winter Is Coming / Why Fashion Has No Age Limit for a Woman 3

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