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Loving the nautical touch on these TommyxGigi pieces. You look fab as always. That top was an awesome find and the shoes pull it all together.

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I can’t get passed those shoes. They are amazing! I love the color, the lace up, but the heel is so high. very sexy but not sure I can manage!! It’s definitely worth a try though for that pop of color and great look.

Hit By Love
Relationships are so hard. I am sorry you had to deal with that but you came out of it stronger.

That sounds like so much fun. I am the worst dancer, but I love to try!

Basic Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Style
I’m not going to lie. I love my winter wardrobe and I get a bit excited for winter. The boots are my favorite. I hope to purchase an awesome fun winter coat this year too.

Who Is, ‘Style & Life by Susana’?
I love your spirit and desire. That string back top is phenomenal too. 🙂 Keep on being the awesome and inspiring person you are!

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