Staying motivated and upbeat is hard to do 24/7. When life has moments of testing you out by throwing curve balls at you every so often and nothing seems to be going your way. After a while you do start to believe that it wasn’t meant to be easy for you and you feel that is how you are meant to be living your life: dodging those curve balls that you start to accept that as a way of life for you.

As you guys already know through my blog about my IVF journey for the past three and a half years (and other personal experiences) how it completely crippled me emotionally and mentally but yet somehow I have found the strength to pick myself up and continue living a positive and happy life. Don’t get me wrong, I still crumble to the ground when life decides to throw a dodge ball or two at me but yet somehow I still am able to find a way for even the most littlest of things that can will give me small bursts of inspiration and energy. I love getting those ‘ah huh Oprah’ moments (you just gotta love Oprah!).

These are just a few of my basic tips that have have helped me over time and in time. Step by step, little by little, just doing a few inspirational things every day can get your mind retrained to thinking more positively and wanting to change your life around for the better.


Drink lots of water with fresh lemon!

Every morning when I get up, I drink a glass of water with a fresh cut piece of lemon from my own lemon tree. What this does is that it revitalises the body and mind but also helps kick start the digestion process for the day. Lemons contain many substances that promote immunity and fight infection, which can also help to lose weight.

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You got to move it, move it!

Some form of exercise will help your body to release endorphins. And what these endoprhons to is that it has conversations with the receptors of your brain that helps to balance and trigger positive feelings in your body and mind. So whether that is full on cardio or just going for a walk with your dog or even yoga, all of that will help you.

Grow veggies, grow!

Coming from a portuguese background, I’ve grown up with having lots of organic fruit and vegetables around me that my parents have always grown in their garden. And now that I’m older, I find it such a relaxing and rewarding feeling to grow my own. Vegetables are an important source of so many nutrients such as potassium, dietary fiber, folate, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Including vegetables in your diet helps your health.



Hello, my name is Susana and I am a post-it note-aholic! I absolutely freaking love post-it notes and have them everywhere!! Yes I’m a planner and I know if I don’t plan what I am going to be doing the next day or write down exactly I need to go buy, I either a) forget or b) go off track and do something (or nothing) else that really isn’t beneficial and soon enough I get quite flustered and forget alot of things. So either first thing in the morning or through out the day, I like to write down on my post-it notes what tasks I need to do (or achieve) for that day and once I’ve done each task, I cross it off. Feels great when I’ve achieved each task! I also use the post-it notes even for writing down positive affirmations and stick them inside my bathroom cabinet so its the first thing I see in the morning when I’m getting ready.

THE 50 / 10 RULE.

Whats that I hear you ask? I heard about this rule many years ago and I swear by it. What it is, is that you work on one important task for 50 minutes and then you take a 10 minute break to refocus. Get up, go for a walk outside, stretch yourself, grab something to eat or drink. It just gives your brain (and spirit) a nice little rest to refocus and get re-energized.


At the end of the day, when I hop into bed I always take ten minutes of reflection and gratitude for the whats happened during the day. I believe it’s important to remember to be thankful even for the most smallest of things to be grateful for and to reflect on what happened throughout the day. Always be kind to yourself and don’t beat yourself if something doesn’t go right or according to plan.  Shit happens. Learn from it and just move on. This has been a big one for that I am constantly having to remind myself.


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Remember when people used to read books? I do. Now, call me old fashioned but I love to read an actual book. I’m sorry (not sorry) but I refuse and never will read a book on a Kindle, Tablet or iPad. It’s just not the same as flicking a page on a good book as your reading it or holding it in your hands as you sit or lie in bed as you read the latest book you’ve just bought. And plus, reading a Kindle/Tablet/iPad is just so bad for your eyes and actually the electronic waves will actually affect you trying to fall asleep and keep your mind active instead of relaxing. But anyway kind of got off topic here but reading books increases knowledge, helps with your brain to keep on functioning but most of all, it helps you to dream and keep you inspired.


Another way to keep your mind active and when you’re trying to think of ideas… just scribble down whatever come’s into your mind. Because one of those scribbles will become the inspiring thought that you needed! Look around you when you are trying to get or find an idea. Look through magazines, books, on the internet, outside… you will find inspiration every where you turn. No such thing as a shit idea. What seems like confusing thoughts or riddles or even crap can actually end up amazing ideas!


Whenever you are feeling like you are stuck or just want to hide away from the world (and believe me, I have been there many a times), the best way to overcome that is by venturing out. Whether that is down to your nearest park or even out to the shopping mall. Just being out in the outdoors will refresh you’re whole outlook of that day and it will give you some form of inspiration and give you that extra spark to align your spirit. Being outside will help to give you inspiration.



I know it sounds weird but seriously cleaning my desk, whether it’s at work or here at home, helps me to de-clutter not just my actual desk but my stressed mind as well. A tidy desk can help you feel focused, give you a little more energy and stay organised (and I am an organised freak!). It really does help you to feel like you are in control of your life (and not just your desk) again. Like I always say: a tidy desk, is an organised mind. 🙂


Always try to set some time aside for yourself. Since I started blogging, I have found out that I really do need to make time out for myself from time to time or else you I just feel so overwhelmed with life. Apart from the blogging, I work at a company full-time that is extremely demanding and also have a family that I look after (husband, mother and three fur babies) and after a while if I don’t take some time off, I find that I get extremely tired, grumpy and a lot more stressed out with life than I really need to be. So always make time for things that you love to do and where you just just relax. Always make sure you take time out to relax and unwind.



I have a playlist on my iPad that’s called ‘Inspiration & Strength’. Whenever I am feeling like I am feeling down or feel like I am losing my way a bit, I put on this playlist and within a couple of minutes of whatever song is playing, instantly my whole demeanor has changed. I am back to feeling inspired and roaring to go! Music has such a way of speaking and connecting to our souls. It can invigorate the senses and turn our sensors into shooting stars. So play a certain song that you know always makes you feel so good and gets your inspiring motors running.

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