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The $3.00 Wrap-Dress

The $3.00 Wrap-Dress

The $3.00 Wrap Dress | Style & Life by Susana

Confidence. If you have it, you can make anything look good.

The wrap dress is iconic and was first introduced to the world by Diane Von Furstenberg back in 1974, and has gone through many reinventions which has still stayed true to the original.

The wrap dress was designed to be worn out to a night club, going to a café to catch up with friends and even to the office. They are really such great multi versatile dress.

Its a dress that is made for any body shape and is a contradiction all in one: stylish & sexy for your man but then perfectly demure when you have dinner with his parents.

The $3.00 Wrap Dress | Style & Life by Susana
The $3.00 Wrap Dress | Style & Life by Susana


The wrap dress accentuates and compliments a woman’s figure, displaying a combination of strength, sexuality, individuality and femininity. It’s a dress that is simplistic yet it radiates high glamour.

This dress continues to be in style every year and is a must for any wardrobe. So whether you buy an original DVF or another version from another brand, it will be a dress that will stand the test of time in terms of style. A timeless piece that will never go out of fashion or style.

The wrap dress I’m wearing today I bought it a few months ago at the vintage store called St Vinnies for a bargain price of $3.00!! $3.00!!!  Hello, bargain!!

The $3.00 Wrap Dress | Style & Life by Susana


The $3.00 Wrap-Dress 1
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