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That reminds me of my friend Amy who I saw scampering into the ceremony area as I was about to walk down the aisle. I heard my pastor call her out so I know she was already embarrassed. I wasn’t mad, I mean things happen. Maybe the bride was annoyed you looked so hot, lol.

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A Very Personal Update
As someone who suffered from infertility from Endo I know what it’s like to think the “baby ship” has sailed. I married an amazing man with three kids and now I’m a stepmom, for which I’m truly thankful, but I had to come to terms with never having “my own”. Everyone who wants to be a mother should get that chance- my fingers are crossed for you!!

I already buy Regenerist products when ever there is a sale/coupon at Walgreens. They are amazing for drugstore products!

I started my blog because I was tired of seeing fashion and decor posts for clothing or furniture that was so expensive I’d need to sell a kidney in order to afford it. Kudos on starting another “keeping it real” blog:)

Having suffered from fatigue and bloating for at least the past year, I’m super tempted to check this out! Maybe a squirt of organic stevia would make it taste better? Not sure if that’s allowed:)

BooHoo Collaboration
I loooove the black fringed kimono and metallic heels! I’m a big Boo Hoo fan already, so thanks for the reminder to check out their latest arrivals!

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