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Should You Believe These Old Wives’ Tales?

Should You Believe These Old Wives’ Tales?

Should You Believe These Old Wives’ Tales? 1

“I’m always like, ‘I can’t believe I sound like my mother.’ I remember running out of the house telling, ‘Put your shoes on or you’re going to get sick!’ That’s an old wives’ tale, but it’s like some weird mind control that I would be like that.” – Eileen Davidson

We’ve heard them all. Cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis. Peeing on a jellyfish sting will neutralize the wound. But are these old wives’ tales false or is there actually some truth behind them?

The tall tales we believe make us feel a little safer and healthier, but some are based on truth while others are based on fallacies. To learn which old wives’ tales are true and which are totally false, continue reading!

Honey Can Heal Wounds

Should You Believe These Old Wives’ Tales? 2

If you have a scrape or cut, you may have heard that applying honey can heal it naturally.

Surprisingly, honey has been connected to inflammation reduction with less pain and swelling.

It can even ensure that the wound heals with very minimal scarring.

And it doesn’t end there, raw honey has a long list of uses and benefits that can be added to both your beauty routine and your first aid kit.


Verdict: True

Cracking Your Knuckles Can Give You Arthritis

When we crack our knuckles, we certainly do hear a “crack.” Our parents may have told us that this is the sound of our ligaments tearing, but in reality, this just simply isn’t true.

The sound that occurs when you crack your knuckles is actually from air bubbles within your synovial fluid popping. This fluid lubricates your joints and occasionally cracking your knuckles is not going to give you arthritis.


Verdict: False

You Should Always Switch Your Shampoo

Some of us have heard that our hair can build up a tolerance to our shampoo and/or conditioner. Luckily, our hair cannot tell when we’re using the same products nor can it tell when we’ve switched to new ones.

However, we should change the products we use when we notice our hair changing, such as with the change of seasons, over-processing, or excess thinning.

During the colder seasons, it can be a good idea to switch to products for the purpose of hydration and the same goes for over-processed hair. If you notice excess hair coming out in the shower or in your hairbrush, try switching to a shampoo that helps control shedding.


Verdict: False

You Need Your Beauty Sleep

When we don’t get enough sleep, we can look tired, dull, and even develop dark circles. Additionally, when we are sleeping, our bodies restore themselves.

Our skin regenerates and heals overnight, and it’s one of the best times to put serums and treatments on for this reason.

Getting enough sleep each night also helps with preventing premature aging, reducing weight gain, and lessens inflammation.

So don’t feel bad next time you take that afternoon nap because you’re just getting your beauty sleep.


Verdict: True

How to Get a Great Night’s Sleep | Style & Life by Susana

Eating Garlic Helps a Cold

Garlic may not be the first route you want to take in helping your cold, but studies show that it can actually ward off illness.

The study proved that those who consumed garlic got fewer colds and had less sick days overall than those who didn’t. Garlic contains compounds that help your immune system fight off germs and can help prevent or lessen the symptoms of the common cold or flu.

So next time you’re feeling a little under the weather, swap out the medicine for some garlic instead!


Verdict: True

Peeing on a Jellyfish Sting Will Help It Hurt Less

Although we’ve seen this work in sitcoms and movies for ages, getting a jellyfish sting is not a reason to pee on your friends.

There is a very specific chemical composition that is required to neutralize a jellyfish sting, and urine just doesn’t have it. Peeing on the sting can actually cause the detached tentacle to re-sting the individual as it can cause a chemical imbalance.

Saltwater, however, is an easier, much cleaner solution for this.


Verdict: False

Should You Believe These Old Wives’ Tales? | Style & Life by Susana
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