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I completely agree about communication. Talking to my Husband has been incredibly important through out my journey. Some people may not understand what we’re going through, but it’s important to at least give them the chance to try. Great post!

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Organising a Christmas Dinner at Your Place
Some great advice here! Luckily for me I’ll just be cooking for my husband and me, way less stress. That being said, I’m sure I’ll find something to stress about at some point. Hope you have a wonderful day! X

Celebrating Our Wedding Anniversary | Six Years
Happy Anniversary! I’ve been married six years too, and marriage can be hard but I’m so glad I got married when I did. It’s really beautiful that your Mum and doggy walked you down the aisle. It must of been so hard for you not having your Dad by your side but here’s to many more years of happiness 🙂 X

6 Healthy & Nutritious Detox Drinks One Should Try
I absolutely love mineral water with lemons/limes, mint and cucumber. It’s so refreshing, simple and healthy! Great post x

AMR: 18 in 1 – Haircare with Argan Oil
Looks good! I need to start taking better care of my hair. I’m quite low maintenance but sometimes my hair just feels so flat. Thanks for the recommendations x

Hit By Love
It can’t be easy to share a story of domestic abuse and I’m sure it’s a living hell when you’re in that situation. I often hear people say ‘I would just leave’ but I can see how fear, love and manipulation plays a big part in why someone would stay. I’m so happy that you’re no longer living that life! Thanks for sharing, X

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