Reasons to Keep Smiling When Dieting

Reasons to Keep Smiling When Dieting | Style & Life by Susana

I’ve had to learn to fight all my life – got to learn to keep smiling. If you smile things will work out. Serena Williams

Weight loss can be one of the toughest challenges we face. If you’re battling this beast at the moment, it’s highly likely that you’ll go through a wide range of emotions from the very good to the very bad.

From elated success to disappointment and frustration, a diet is a roller coaster which is different for everyone. Positivity is key to success but maintaining it is not always easy. You need to believe in yourself and trust that your efforts will pay off in the end. Here are some ways to keep the smile on your face when the fight gets tough.

Reasons to Keep Smiling When Dieting | Style & Life by Susana

1. Build Positive Thinking Habits

Positive thinking is crucial your success. If you tell yourself that you won’t succeed, you could start to convince yourself that this is the case. These thoughts can have a significant impact on the likelihood that you’ll stick to your diet plan and keep up with the exercise.

Focus on the positive reasons why you’re making these changes whether that’s health, body confidence or both.

Try to catch yourself in negative thinking patterns and reframe your thoughts. If you are thinking that you’ll never reach your weight loss goals because the scale hasn’t moved this week, focus on measurements and the way your clothes fit instead.

Are they looser? Do you feel less self-conscious in them? Keep a log of all your weight loss milestones so you can keep your progress in mind. If all else fails, remember that your new eating and exercise habits are about more than weight loss; you’re building a healthier lifestyle.

2. Think About How You Feel (Not Just How You Look)

Weight loss and exercise regimes are not just about what we see in the mirror. Take time to acknowledge what you’ve achieved in other areas.

Can you now walk or run further without needing to stop? Are you lifting heavier weights? Can you play with your children in the park?

Maybe you’re more confident as a person now, or you have more energy and enthusiasm for life.

3. Don’t Obsess About the Scale

The scale is not the only way to measure the changes your body is going through. You can measure yourself to see the inches lost or just look at the way your clothes fit you now. If you have space in your waistband or your tops feel looser, maybe reward yourself with a few new pieces for your wardrobe to remind you of your progress.

Some people also take photos of themselves at regular periods to track their changing shape over time. A healthier lifestyle may also have a positive impact on things like the quality of your skin, hair or nails.

If you’re concerned that your weight loss may have hit a plateau, you may just need to keep making small changes to your diet and exercise routine.

For example, eventually metabolism will adjust for your new lifestyle and you may need to find new ways to create a deficit. Diet plan companies like offer a range of diet plans to suit several different lifestyles.

Reasons to Keep Smiling When Dieting | Style & Life by Susana

4. Take Pride in Your Achievements

Don’t forget to acknowledge the seemingly small but personally difficult changes you’ve made. If you’ve swapped sugary drinks and chocolate for water and fruit or you’re now walking to work rather than taking the bus, pat yourself on the back.

In a weight loss journey, even the smallest changes can have huge impact over time.

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