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Reaffirming Wedding Vows: Things to Consider

Reaffirming Wedding Vows: Things to Consider | Style & Life by Susana

I vow to keep updating our vows as we go, because one set of vows can’t cover a lifetime of growing and changing, raising a family with you, and falling more and more in love with you every day, which is what I vow to do  for the rest of my life.

Kiss the Bride

As most people in New Zealand and in many other parts all over the globe (hopefully) will only ever get married once in their life, there is no real surprise to the amount of effort soon-to-be wed couples will put into the preparations of their big day.

However, when making all the necessary arrangements with the venue for the wedding ceremony and after party as well as dresses, and transportation, choosing a company to purchase the rings from is something that should never be rushed.

Of course, couples planning to renew their wedding vows after being happily married for a number of years are bound to have the contact details of a reputable jeweller from who they bought their wedding rings from for their big day.

Reaffirming Wedding Vows: Things to Consider | Style & Life by Susana

But although many couples who are going to reaffirm their commitment to each other by organising a wedding vow renewal service will choose to re-dedicate their rings instead of buying new ones, there are still some people who choose to purchase a new set of bands for the special occasion.

And for the guys who still can’t keep their hands off their lovely wife after being together for many years, will be more than happy to kiss their bride after going through their wedding vows again at their wedding vow renewal ceremony.


Although there are plenty of people who will want to have their say when listening to how a couple they know wish to renew their wedding vows, it is important not to listen to any negative comments from such associates.

Of course, by putting in some time with an online search, couples who would like some advice on aspects of their planned wedding vow renewal ceremony should be able to come across some pretty useful recommendations.

Reaffirming Wedding Vows: Things to Consider | Style & Life by Susana

Indeed, websites that could turn out to be a great help for couples looking forward to showing a few family and friends how much they still love each other at a vows renewal service.

And if couples planning a wedding vow renewal are thinking about buying a brand new pair of wedding bands just to make the event even more special, looking at diamond rings NZ couples let Diamonds.co.nz design could be a very wise move.

Unsurprisingly, there are not too many couples in New Zealand that have been left wanting not only by what this online supplier of well-crafted diamond rings have on offer, but also by the high standard of service provided.

Casual & Simple


When taking a look at articles about advice given to people planning to renew their wedding vows, we will often see a recommendation for such couples to not take the ceremony too seriously.

What this means to say is although renewing our vows is indeed a serious show of love and commitment between couples, it is best to apply a casual and simple approach to the service just to make it feel a lot more natural to the couple and to all that attend the ceremony including any children they may have had together already.

Some of the more useful recommendations found online for couples planning to renew their wedding vows are detailed below:

  1. Keep your vows positive – if you are writing your own
  2. Choose to have a floral bouquet without tossing it
  3. Have a no-gift policy
  4. Re-dedicate your wedding rings
  5. Make a special and memorable toast to your guests

And of course, it doesn’t matter how long we have already been together as husband and wife, it is always nice to declare our devotion to our partner in a public service like a wedding vow renewal ceremony.

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