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Prince: Three Years Later


“There’s always a rainbow at the end of every rain,” Prince

Prince Rogers Nelson 1958-2016 RIP

April 21, 2016 will forever go down for myself and millions of Prince fans around the world, as the most darkest, confusing and most surreal day ever  – it was like a massive jolt in the atmospheric universe. How could all of that energy, that pure brilliance and eccentricity exist one moment and then suddenly just abruptly disappear? Where did it all go? How was it all so possible? That was a major shock to the system, so uncomprehensible.

It still brings me to tears when I think about that day, seeing two text messages (one at 5.41 AM, the other at 5.53 AM) from my husband telling me the awful news..


I broke down crying. Sorry, I broke down howling in tears, yelling out, ‘not my Prince, not my Prince!!’ … the heartache pain was unpalatable… and the following days afterwards, and even the weeks, where I still broke down in a flood of tears, in disbelief of my Prince. Our Prince.

Prince was like family to me. I know seriously weird to people outside but it’s true, thats why his death hit me more harder than I ever expected it to. I grew up listening to Prince since I was 10 years old and every song, every performance, every interview, every album was like a soundtrack to every single moment in my life that happened.

Even still until this today, I find it so painful and heartbreaking to believe that Prince is really gone. I desperately want to think he’s played a really sick joke on all of us (since he was a huge fan of playing pranks) and that he’s really hiding away on some remote island somewhere in the world, recording music, away from all of the glare and scrutiny of the media world.

But I know that it’s not true.

Strange as it may seem but his death, in the most unbelievable (and confusing) way made me realise that life is truly short and that it can just go (snap snap!! …of the finger!!) just like that! I, like so many others believed that Prince would still be recording and performing live until his old age, perhaps into his 80’s, just like Tony Bennett.

I grew up listening to 80’s music and being obsessed with Prince and Madonna, followed by Michael Jackson, George Michael and Kylie Minogue (those were my chosen artists).

Prince has always been my ultimate: my love, my salvation, my Prince. His music spoke to me like no other. I saw beyond the controversy, the shock, I saw the hidden messages of hope, faith, belief, spirit, individuality, God and love.

I am forever grateful to my one of good friend’s, Liliana, for tagging me in on Facebook of the announcement of Prince bringing his Piano & A Microphone Tour to Australia in February 2016. And I am forever grateful to my husband for paying for my ticket and saying to me, “Get the most expensive ticket to see him, he’s like the Yankee’s. Gods – I would pay anything to see them”.

“For people who don’t understand why others mourn the death of artists, You need to understand that these people have been a shoulder to cry on. Our rock. They’ve been family, friends, leaders, teachers and role models. Many have taught us what we need to know and what to do when times get rough. They’ve helped us to move on. They’ve pushed us out of bed. They’ve helped us to live when nobody else had the time to. Artists have inspired us in endless ways and have been with us through stages in our lives. We’ve made memories with them. So when they die, a part of us dies.” Prince

Even as I write this, I’m tearing up and tears are welling up in my eyes. Prince was one of the greatest musicians of the 21st Century that has ever seen and how fucking amazing is it, that I – we – all got to live in the same life time as Prince, and be blessed with his music, his performances, his artistry.

He may be physically gone, but his spirit, his legacy, his music will forever live on and inspire artists to come.  Like Prince said at his last concert in Melbourne, February 2016, ‘Can’t nobody do it like Prince!’ .

You got that right and there never will be. Relieve through my posts of Prince and let’s rejoice and celebrate the brilliance of this artist, sing his spirit and seek salvation in his words.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here in this thing called life…

Are you a Prince fan? What is your favourite Prince song and did you ever get to see him perform live in concert?

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