I know that we are now 20 days into 2016 but hands up here who has always made New Years resolutions every year but never ends up following through with them? (cue in the raising of my hand in the air)

I know I am definitely guilty of this and I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone in this, so I thought that instead of making resolutions this year how about we pick ‘6‘ simple goals (keeping in line to the theme of ‘2016’) for anyone out there to aim for this year. Seems simple and I think its achievable.

1. Money challenge. Ever heard of the money challenge?  On the first week of the year, you put in a $1 coin into a medium or large tin. On the second week you put in a $2 coin. Third week you put in $3… you should get the drift now. Hence every week that passes, you put in that amount into the tin (you can always put in more if you want) and by the end of the year you should have about $1,378.00 in your tin!! Easy savings!

What a great way to spoil yourself at Christmas!

2. Stop putting yourself down or blaming yourself for when things go wrong.  I am a serial offender of this one and in 2016 I intend to do ALOT less of this. Life is already hard enough as it is and for you to be hard on yourself  just isn’t going to help matters  (or you) any further. Its just going to make you feel more like crap. What good is it doing you? No more beating yourself up. There is no point. Seriously.  Learn to accept that things didn’t work out this time, dust yourself off, smile at adversity (yes hard I know) and put on your big girl shoes and work that awesome strut of yours!

3. Stop sleeping with your make-up on.Tsk tsk! I have done it in the past on the very odd occasion when I’ve been too lazy to wash it off after a long night out. But seriously it only takes 5 minutes to wash it off (i.e. cleanse & tone at least).  Allow that face of yours to be able to breathe. Just think of it as facial future investment with a moderate to good result return.

4. Its OK to say no. Seriously it is. I have in the past been a major people pleaser. Found it SO hard to say no and always said yes because I was afraid the other person would think I was a horrible person for turning them down. So whether its catching up with a friend or baby sitting your sisters kid, or getting set up on that blind date by your BFF – seriously, if deep down inside you want to say no, then say no.  In the end people will understand and respect you more, and you won’t harbour that internal resentment towards them just because you didn’t have the guts to really say no.

5. Stop smoking. Seriously are there people out there that still actually smoke? I don’t mean to offend any smokers out there (just in case, I’m sorry)… but it really does not look cool nor classy and its really not helping your health in any way. So why not quit the ciggy and help your health (and others around you too.  Remember while your smoking around others, they too inhale the smoke not by choice, your cigarette smoke affects their health too – OK end of lecture).  In the long term your body will really thank you (so will your loved ones).

6. Walk more. Stop making excuses and just go for a walk. Apart from that its good for you health wise and you will burn some calories. Walking just really clears your head, de-stress you and brings you inner calmness. Take your beloved dog for a long walk, they will thank you and love you even more! Happy pooch, happy owner!

Let’s check back at the end of this year and see how we all went with some these goals. And next year we will revisit them all over again and add in some brand new goals to achieve!

Tell me about any other goals that you have set for yourself this year. You can do it! Happy New Year!

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