Comment on MADONNA: TEARS of a CLOWN, Melbourne 2016 by Laurent.

I’m so happy that she made this present to you guys, down under. And sad that the press and some fans still are unfair. It reminds me when she did this amazing MDNA show in Olympia – Paris (mythical theatre), for a fortunate one thousand fans, and i was one of them. Some were angry at her that the show only lasted less than an hour, and the press rejoiced in this negative report and of fans despising their icon. But what i felt is that nowadays people take artists for granted and forget among other things to be grateful : i was grateful to spend the hour so close to her; to have a one in a lifetime experience like the one you had ; the thousand people seemed to have the time of their life; until SOME of them shouted insults at her (and it was all over the press and medias). Anyway… thank you for your post ! (my report is in French if you read French 🙂 xoxo Laurent

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