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What a beautiful place. I love when I can vacation somewhere there is a lot of scenery and infrastructure. Your pics made me feel like I was on vacation 🙂

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I agree, this is the perfect weekend look! I love that jersey top and that crossbody especially. Happy weekend 🙂

Behind the Mirror – Living with Anxiety
I had an ex I was afraid of too. He wasn’t necessarily physically abusive, but verbal abuse is just as bad. He made the mistake of pushing me once off the steps of his mom’s and that was when I was done. I don’t do second chances with anything, plus I knew there were other men out there who would treat me way better. I blocked him, changed my number and haven’t talked to him since. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Anxiety is no joke.

I am obsessed with those red heels! Some of my favorite shoes come from Zara. They’re always on point.

ZARA is definitely one of my favorite stores! They always have something new when I go into the store and that’s why I love and hate them lol!

I’ve personally never used a face mask, but I could only imagine it working wonders for my dry skin. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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