Why you need to listen to the album with an open heart & mind, and forget about the past.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”r224y” via=”no” ] Katy Perry has entered a new phase in her life, she is finally getting to know who she is and also because she has zero f*cks to give and is only concentrating on her music & staying to herself.[/ctt]

Everyone, and that is the media, music industry, fans and the haters (yes, that includes you Taylor Swift) have been wanting to see what Katy Perry’s new album would be offering, whether this is was her socially conscious album or is going to be her Beyonce-like, Lemonade album where she revealed her feelings and true thoughts.

Katy has a-lot staked up against her past albums… they have all pretty much been multi huge million worldwide sellers, filled with pop classics to last many generations cult classics whether you agree or not.

The world has been waiting for this so called, self confessional revealing album from Katy Perry,  with her past marriage break down to Russel Brand and relationship to John Mayer and Orlando Bloom, people expected an Adele-like break up album.

Upon first listening to the album it is heavily influenced by early 90’s styled electronica and it spreads throughout the album and it does seems to be an under current theme for every artist undergoing a metaphorsis of their soul and spirit.


If people are expecting Katy Perry’s new album to replicate the theme or same formula of Teenage Dream or Rise (the USA olymplic theme), well keep moving right along (cue in the eye roll of eye rolls).

A bit advice for anyone who is wanting their favourite artist to keep pumping out the same style, the same beat, the same rhythm, the same pop formula …

– well, keep moving right along or find another artist who doesn’t care about artistic integrity, self truth, self expression, self evolution or basically – just keep playing their past albums over and over, like it was just released.

We society, (and yes RollingtoneVariety  etc are just as much fault, go on admit it) all want our artists to never age and keep continue staying on the same path of repeated generatic pop formula success.

And when a top artist releases an album that is showing an extension of their soul, their growth they are deemed to have lost the plot, lost their place in the music industry, are deemed has-beens and no longer relevant. Its a never ending cycle.

Prior to listening to Katy’s new album, I made sure to listen to it with an open mind and leave all judgements aside until I heard the album in its entirety and also I made sure I would not read any online reviews until I actually listened to the album in full, and then make my own decision about it.

Upon the intro of the album, starting with the song ‘Witness’ the album is actually very good! I’ve now listened to it probably five times  and every time I love i more and more. It shows a growth in Katy’s singing, her songwriting and the music shows an evolution, but still keeping in line with her quirkiness and goof ball, but has a deeper underlining throughout the album.

I will be honest, I actually expected the worst as being the first single, Chained to the Rhythm  at first I wasn’t as  impressed. Sure it was catchy after a couple of listens but I (unfortunately) expected, California Gurls part two or something there abouts. I became part of that, dismissive review crowd, who wanted their artist to keep to the same formula and not grow, and find their extensive self. And shame on me.

The first single you really don’t know whether to like it or not. But afterwards, OK I’ll be honest after a few listens I really quite like it. Seriously I do! Its brilliant, progressive and very now. Every artist, you would say, as soon as they come to their fourth or fifth album is when the critics of all critics are at the very highest premenstral bitchiest: the claws and knives are at the sharpest.

And just like Madonna‘s classic and now reveared album, ‘Erotica’ or Britney Spears ‘Blackout’, most albums are not given their true artistic worth until many years down the track and I actually believe this album will be one of them.

Currently it’s hard not to separate Katy Perry and Taylor Swifts name from each other – all thanks to Taylor (hello? the infamous Rollingstone Magazine interview and the ‘Bad Blood’ single and now a few days ago, Taylor bringing her music back to Spotify on the day and exact hour that Witness was released – way too catty Swifty, seriously way too catty). They are both factory operators in the same industry, sifting through the not-so-distant past to serve nostalgia upon adults and bringing remixed rejuvenation novelty to youths.

The song, Swish Swish is quite clearly written and expressed, it is an undeniable pop classic and club pleaser.  At this very moment its my favourite and on heavy repeat. It’s powerful and an underdote for self expression and against bullies, and if it’s true that it was inspired about Taylor? Well, who gives a shit! If Taylor is allowed to do it, well – why can’t Katy Perry, Selena Gomez or Nicki Minaj etc etc. People, puhlease!!!

Katy’s voice is quite expressive – it’s powerful yet feminine, a lot more emotional and fragile than some pop stars, and has more range especially when she is playing acoustic guitar. Save As Draft, Into Me You See and Miss You More bring out Perry’s emotional vulnerability as a singer and more.

Witness and Hey Hey Hey are both beat-heavy, pop songs. Bon Apetit is the dance song of the album. It’s a catchy number, filled with multitude of seductive innuendos but it’s fun, its a club thumper and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

On the song, Power Katy sings: “You can’t clip my wings, can’t wilt my flowers… Stole my time but I’ll make up the hours ’cause I’m a goddess and you know it.” Yes!!!! This is pure pop brilliance.

Witness is the album that Katy Perry was spirited to record and she shows the trolls and haters, that she’s never giving up so you might as well get used to it as she’s definitely is not going anywhere and plus, she’s at a better place in her life right now. Katy Perry is at her most creative, ground breaking, vulnerable and fearless to date. Not many artists nowadays reveal that intensity in their music any more.

                                           * all images are credited to Capitol Records and Katy Perry

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