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Wow.. love the text. Can you please make a blog post about editorial fashion photography? I absolutely love your images and would love to learn more about photography done for fashion blogs.

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New Year, New Hair
I love your hair girl! Im blonde as well and im trying to get rid of brass in my hair and my goal is to make it look as white as yours. I will so much more comfortable with my self and with my pics when my hair looks good.

Beauty Travel Essentials – What Every Girl Needs in Her Make-Up Bag
I love everything you just listed. I will be bookmarking this post because Im sure Ill need it for my next trip! I always tend to forget something!

Celebrating Our Wedding Anniversary | Six Years
Such a wonderful couple and a beautiful love story. I wish you many many years of happiness and love!

Like A Prayer Inspired
I love your style and I totally agree with you. There is no difference, discrimination is discrimination and we can all suffer at the hand of others an be discriminated against for various reasons. It is up to us to shine in-spite of it.

Oh this is so true. Our pets are our family and they get excited when they see us exited! Thank you so much for this suggestions! I will be getting something for my fur babies this Christmas!

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