Comment on It’s OK, Not To Be OK by Gato Martinez.

I totally get you a 100%. I took a break from blogging as well; 6 months to be exact. I also lost an (what I thought has been) amazing friendship.Totally broke my heart and what he did, made me wonder and doubt a lot of things about myself (THE WORST FEELING EVER). I was so heartbroken. To add up, uni became a little bit more hard and I just couldn’t find the time and inspiration to write a blog post. As you said, I tried to “look brave and happy” but at the end of the day I realized i was leaving a lie and I needed to break down, feel whatever I needed to feel and come back stronger than ever. Thank you for being transparent with your feelings. Everything will be ok; I know it. Enjoy the little things about life. x

Gato Martinez

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