Comment on It’s OK, Not To Be OK by Tom Scriba.

I’m a firm believer in the “can’t have the good without the bad”, or yin and yang. I really try to delve into my emotions and my thoughts when I’m feeling off or in a bad way. I try and discover why I’m feeling that way so I can understand it, and learn from it. You can’t do that if you simply try and “feel better” all the time. You have to embrace your feelings, so that you can understand them, and understand yourself when you’re finally ready to move on and get out of the slump.

It’s kind of like how I really had to spend some time single in order to appreciate relationships more. I had to spend some time understanding myself and developing my own personality and likes/hobbies/opinions. Since then, I’ve been much more stable and understanding, and more caring in my relationships. It’s all the same, it’s okay to be “not ok” whatever that is, in fact, it’s necessary to actually grow.

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