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Fashion Week is back and its fabulous!

New York Fashion Week is back and so many amazing designers have come out with incredible pieces but it’s still early to know what will be the trends predicted for what we’ll be wearing in 2016. But the biggest trend that is truly in full force and out at the front is, #IAMNYFW.

I’ve become intrigued and in awe of the #IAMNYFW revolution lately.

What this all means is that the fashion industry is now finally noticing and taking a stand about all different kinds of beauty that exists in our world. No longer are we just seeing the beautiful, tall and very thin models on the runway and on the covers of every top fashion magazines from around the world. We are now seeing a humanity revolution in the fashion world.

It’s all about embracing the beautiful YOU.  OWNING who YOU are.  Staying TRUE to YOURSELF.  Who you truly are as a human being. And that is something that I am so deeply passionate about. Just like many people out there, I too have been bullied since an early age. From elementary school, to high school, to abusive relationships with partners and to even as an adult in a work place environment.
In standing up for yourself and loving who you are, is a ‘trend that has really been around for quiet a while and it started with Madonna. However in the past few years we have seen a disgusting rise in bullying and young suicides for just being “different” that now it has become a topic spoken about in the public eye, and being true to yourself is ever more evident with the likes of P!nk, Kelly Clarkson, Chaz Bono, Lady Gaga, Amy Schumer and now Caitlyn Jenner.
So regardless of your body shape, your look, the colour of your skin, your weight, your religion, your disability, your height, your sexual gender – it is about embracing the beautiful YOU.
This the era of your beauty, your style and your look. It’s all about being YOU.

Thank you to FTL Moda, Fashion Week Online and Global Disability Network for their vision and strength and for making this a trend that must be shown, spoken about, taken notice of and followed.

Share the love please xoxo