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Thank you for sharing your inspirational story. Thank goodness you were so brave. I’m sure that this will help a lot of women.

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3 Ways to Wear a Suede Dress for Valentine’s Day
This sounds like a great date night outfit. I love suede but always worry about the cost of taking it to the dry cleaners! Is it possible to clean it at home?

The High Low Skirt
I love skirts and dresses! I wear them all the time. This looks great on you and I can’t believe what a bargain it was!

New Year, New Hair
Your hair looks great! I never really gave much thought to my hair until recently when it has become so dry and unmanageable. Now I realised how much it affects my self-esteem.

I’ve never heard of hip-hop yoga but I’m a huge hip-hop fan so this sounds like fun and something that I’d like to check out.

Americano Retro Style & The Power of Being A Woman
Great photos! You look amazing. I must admit, I’ve been really picky about where I shop now that I’m over 30. I’m paranoid about looking like mutton dressed as lamb but you’ve inspired me!

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