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(Cue in the fingers tapping nervously on the table… Rat-tat-tat. Rat-tat-tat. Repeatedly)

(I turn my head to look to the left, then to the right, back to the left again and then back to looking straight ahead… waiting anxiously for the first arrival of my blind date).

Welcome to my first ever post!

First blind dates are always exciting but ever so nerve wracking. I’m sitting here freaking excited but nervous as hell.  Why? Well, because it’s my first ever blog and I have this happy, nervous butterfly like feeling deep inside the pit of my stomach about all of this.

OK, so my blog is all about my love for fashion, accessories, beauty & skin care but also about health, inspiration, spirituality, lifestyle and IVF. Yep, that last one came a bit out of left field, didn’t it?

Now what makes my blog different to everyone else’s?

Well, what I’m wanting to do is push the boundaries of what an actual blog is meant to be all about.

An example of what I mean:

Well, such as when I talk about a beauty or skin care product that I love or not so much love, I will give you honest information about the product & actually show you the real reason why if its a YAY or a NAY… basically, the beauty and the beast.

I don’t want to give you a fluffy, yep its so great blah blah blah, look how great I look, it only cost a few hundred (or thousand) dollars, you should try/go buy it too… a  lot of the time’s I’m just not able to relate to some of those blogs. Nothing wrong with them at all, but I just like to be able to relate to it in some way or another.

Now I admit I love everything that’s all about glamour, style and beauty but I’m also about keeping it real. I’m definitely no model, although I wish I was haha!…  but I’m basically an open book. I am a tad weird and eccentric. I am all about being staying true to yourself and being authentic. I was bullied as a kid in primary and high school, and even in some work places as an adult, so I have grown to accept who I am and loving all the quirkiness and uniqueness of my personality. If others just don’t accept who I am, well that’s their loss.

The world today is becoming more superficial as times goes on and at times its OK… but for the inner peace, acceptance and soul survival, its just not realistic.

“The true brilliance of an artist is that not only do they reveal their talent and beauty but also their suffering and pain” (my own personal quote-saying)

I will give you straight up, honest reviews and my personal thoughts with no bull. I will go the hard yard and reveal the actual facts… I am willing to put myself out there.

I severely love fashion and I am here to show you that on any budget how you can look AMAZING just like as if you had spent quite a lot of money on your outfits, beauty & skin care products. Look, I’m a die hard bargain hunter. I want to look good but without looking cheap (or tacky). I will show you designer brands at discount prices (yes they really do exist). I combine designer, high street, vintage and basic cheap finds into essential pieces that every wardrobe must have.

And by including IVF with my blog, well… I have been doing IVF for over three years and its been the most severe mind game torment, soul crushing, heart breaking pain that I have ever experienced in all of my life. Only in the past year I have encountered a lot of information (through my own sheer will & warrior determination) that I wish I had known before starting IVF or even after the first cycle, which could have reduced so much money that has been spent, time wasted & perhaps lessen the heart break by even just a little bit.

I am here to share it all to anyone (male or female) who might be thinking about starting IVF or who already is on that journey. I want to be able to help people in any which way I possibly can, pass on valuable & important information that I wish I had known at the very start of my journey (just things that fertility doctors & clinics don’t pass onto their patients for whatever reasons).

You may find my odd but loveable sense of humour slightly peppered throughout my posts on the odd occasions.

I do hope you that enjoy yourself and want to come back and see me again (and again and again)… well, you get the hint.  I sincerely do hope so (cue in the nervous finger tapping again).

So, did you want another latte or perhaps a piece of chocolate mud cake? ☕


Share the love please xoxo