Have an Amazing Physique & Tons of Fun with Cycling!


Written by: Luke Douglas

“Life is like riding a bicycle: to stay balanced you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein

It’s the dawn of 2018 ladies and gentlemen, and it’s time to learn new skills, find new ways to enjoy and challenge yourself, and with that in mind, here’s a brilliant way to introduce novelty into your life: start pedaling those pounds away!



For once in your life, you don’t have to schedule your life around your aerobics class, because this particular sport is incredibly simple to find its spot in your routine.

Forget about a car ride to work every morning, as riding your bike is a brilliant way to kickstart your daily calorie burning, get to work without being drowsy and ready to impress your colleagues.

In fact, studies have shown that spending time stuck in traffic, and inhaling exhaust fumes, soot and carbon dioxide can be extremely harmful to your health in the long-run, so riding your bike, especially an alternate, less crowded route means protecting your health on the go.



You’ll no longer contribute to the same traffic jams we mentioned earlier, and you will be able to save money on fuel!

Combine the costs of basic car maintenance, insurance and gas, and you’ve done a pretty incredible job saving up to invest in something else.

But even more importantly, you will contribute to a cleaner environment, cause no pollution, and you’ll improve traffic flow since you won’t be driving your car.

And of course, the idea that you’ll be outside, soaking in the sun, enjoying the weather means you can reconnect with Mother Nature on a whole new level.



An increasing number of cities are introducing separate bike lanes, signals and road signs to alert other traffic participants, making it much easier to get from point A to point B in less time and with less hassle.

Even if you don’t own a bike yet, they have become much more affordable, and you can rent or share a bike until you purchase your own. Some cities such as Adelaide even offer free bike rentals!

Add to that the fact that the makers of cycling equipment are getting better and better at producing high-quality protective gear, and you can rest assured that you’ll stay safe in traffic. Today, you also have access to the most durable safety gear on the Internet, so you can always check out an online bicycle store for the best available gear; yet another way cycling is more convenient than ever!



The global fitness frenzy has brought us many a new movement, from using drumsticks in classes to improve your cardiovascular health, to suspended training courses, people are really doing their best to come up with creative ways to stay fit.

But few activities are meant for every fitness soul out there, because not every introvert wants to hang from a ceiling, just like not every extrovert wants to stay stuck inside.

Cycling is by far the simplest sport you can adapt to your mood. If you’re up for a solitary ride, go ahead and go straight for the nearby woods or national park, while if you’re in the mood for some company, invite a few friends to tag along, and everyone can enjoy some fresh air! Crappy weather? There’s always the stationary bike at your local gym.



You already know that any form of exercise will flood your body with happy hormones, the same is with cycling.

Add to that the effects of fresh air and time spent surrounded with greenery, and your productivity, creativity and memory will flourish.

As for your body, few activities can compare to cycling when it comes to cardiovascular endurance and building toned, strong legs and glutes, but your core will also feel the burn.

You can adapt the level of resistance by moving to tougher terrain or switching to a different speed, but all in all, it’s a whole slew of health perks in a single piece of equipment that fits perfectly into your lifestyle!

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