Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me | Style & Life by Susana

Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Happy birthday to me! 


Hip hop hooray!!

So today is the 10th of March, which makes me a Pisces and I truly believe I embody the characteristics of a Piscean (creative, artistic, intuitive, spiritual, compassionate, escapist and live in my own world) through and through.

Check out this paragraph from Zodiac Signs Astrology (you should check out your star signs whilst you’re there) which I unbelievably feel is me down to a ‘T’:

Pisces live in two worlds, the real world and the spiritual or mystical world where they interpret what they see into what they want. They do this to avoid all the realities of pain and suffering in the world. They have extremes of emotions and feel both good and bad intensively. Pisces have formidable intuitive ability.”

I do! I live in two worlds (or sometimes even more I think haha!) and see life through rose coloured glasses and only see what ‘I’ want to only see as I don’t like sometimes to live in emotional pain or stress.

So with today’s outfit my I decided to wear my beloved TommyXGigi high waisted denim pants, along with my stain cropped high neck blouse from Bershka. I bought both of these pieces while I was on holidays in Portugal last year.

The TOMMYxGIGI collection is a combination of both the iconic designer and the supermodel’s signatures style which has created a truly memorable and show stopping package even though the nautical style isn’t really that original, however the pieces are all draw-dropping gorgeous.

Happy Birthday to Me | Style & Life by Susana

Do what you were born to do. Dream it, work hard and just do it. You just have to trust yourself.

While I was going about my  daily window (cough cough) shopping expedition at my ultimate favourite shopping centre in Lisbon called Colombo Shopping Centre and as I walked past the iconic designers store on the second level, I literally came to an abrupt halt right there and then!

What I saw, standing from outside the store was this to die for long military coat on the mannequin! To the left of it was a cropped thick wool jumper (still to this day, I wish I had bought but really wanted a pair of Aldo burgundy ankle boots I had just seen 30 minutes prior to walking into the Tommy Hilfieger store) that seriously then sealed the deal for me to go into the store to check it all out.

Over on the right hand side was these sailor trouser pants!! There was no way that I could NOT buy these sailor trousers! Yes they are expensive but my oh my they are so worth it!!




They are figure hugging and really accentuate and compliment your body. They have a zipper on the left hand side and the top part of the trousers fits over waist and sucks you in, giving the hour glass curve. The cut and style of the trousers will suit more to those who have a bit of height to them only because of the length of the leg of the pants.

This cropped satin blouse, sits perfectly above my waist and has an open slit at the back of it to give it that slightly oh so sexy look but its not too revealing. The blouse has a very old Victorian feel and look about it – I just love it. I also added in my fedora hat (an increasing growing collection I have) and my trusty studded heels I bought at the local vintage store, Salvation Army.

Happy Birthday to Me | Style & Life by Susana
Happy Birthday to Me | Style & Life by Susana


Denim Sailor Trousers by TOMMYxGIGI  (similar here and here), cropped high neck blouse by Bershka (similar here and here) and fedora hat by K-Mart Australia (similar here and here).

Happy Birthday to Me! 1

OK familia I’m off to the hairdressers right now – I took the day off work as I always make a point of never working on my birthday 🙂  I have my Australia’s Top 50 Influencers award ceremony next week, so I need my hair to look red carpet worthy haha!!

See you all later, and have a fabulous day xoxo

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