While it’s winter here right now in Australia and the rest of the world is starting to warm up (hello summer!), I need to make sure I don’t leave out my international friends with the gorgeous and amazing fashion outfits launching right now.

While it’s not majorly hot just yet, the days are starting to warm up and the feel of the glorious sun on your skin is just heavenly (still make sure to put on your skin screen protection). The perfect outfit to wear right at this moment is the crew neck sleeveless casual floral print midi-dress. This asymmetrical floral dress will suit all body shapes and enhance the feminine silhouettes of your body. The fabric is so gentle and soft, which will not feel heavy on your body and not add any extra heat. It is a lightweight material and the dress will feel just like second skin on your body. The gorgeous colors on this midi-dress are breathtaking and compliment the upcoming summer season and will also continue on for the spring and fall weather.

This midi-dress is just absolutely perfect for all different types of occassions, whether you’re going out to meet with your girlfriends for lunch, or going for a stroll in the city window shopping, off to a family friend’s wedding or even out on a date with that gorgeous guy who just asked you out for dinner This is the perfect dress for all those sorts of ocassions and more.

The designer of this dress, the fabulous Pearl (also known as Qinpei.er) knows how to design for the average woman making her feel glamorous and ever so beautiful. Her amazing talent showcases European influences, brightly fresh colors, fashionable edgy cuts, with retro and vintage elements, lifting the style even further and making you feel you are truly wearing a one of a kind piece.

The perfect accessories to add to this beautiful dress is a waist length cardigan, strappy sandals or heels (in black or nude colour) and a gorgeous small tote bag (I would choose either chocolate brown or black). Jewellery wise, don’t over do it as the dress is elegant and simple so you don’t want your jewellery to make it look heavy and too much. I would suggest simple hoop earrings and a cuff bracelet. Your outfit is then complete! Voilà!

You’re now looking even more gorgeous!

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Happy shopping!

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