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lol I do that every couple weeks and it does hurt at first but not a biggie after. I guess everyone has a different tolerance to pain 🙂 I think threading is a great alternative for people like me with thick eye brows that grow out way too quickly.

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I totally understand lol sleep is crucial for health and beauty! I haven’t had a good night sleep for over five years, can you imagine! I had two girls back to back and by the time my oldest started sleeping I had a newborn. So I am still dreaming to have a whole night of uninterrupted sleep! Crazy!

Vintage Top & TOMMYxGIGI
I love those pants! This silhouette is so flattering! This collection looks pretty awesome I wish it was more affordable though!

OMG I grew up in a very cold country and used to wear those all the time! You dad picked an awesome coat! I still have mine but it’s collecting dust in Texas lol. I love how you do your hair! Need that high hair bun asap!

Thanks for the idea Susana! I never use masks and frankly my skin is not going to thank me! I should stick to a better skin regimen for sure!

You looks so great and happy in those photos! I have never tried a spray tan, sounds like so much fun! Very informative review!

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