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Delta Goodrem: ‘Wings of the Wild’

Delta Goodrem: 'Wings of the Wild' 1

"Empowerment defines this artist and new album"

It’s been four years since Delta’s last album release and she is back at the top of her game. Not that she ever lost it but like ever other artist before her, they have their moments when not every album or single that is released is their best material or just doesn’t connect to the public like it once did or the artist themselves may have lost their way artistically and creatively.

But with this album, Delta has changed. And in a huge way. Apart from growing up in front of millions since she appeared on Neighbours and her debut album release of ‘Innocent Eyes’ in 2003, Delta has grown spiritually and further artistically in front of our eyes. This album is one of true spirit, boho chic, roaring strength and empowerment. I have never heard Delta sing so confident, raw and vulnerable. And to be honest, in quoting Queen Bey (i.e. Beyonce), its pretty much ‘middle fingers up’ (in a very very lady like subtle, not too obvious way) to all the trolls and haters that have plagued Delta throughout her career and public ex-relationship woes and more so over the last few years since appearing on The Voice.

She has taken more risks with this album than ever before, stepping outside of her comfort zone. Apart from being a child virtuoso, this is Delta moving away from her middle of the road type music as previously heard on her ‘Mistaken Identity’ and ‘Delta’ albums (too grown up for her own personality).  There is nothing wrong with those albums at all, I’m a fan of them but this is the one album that in the very first 45 seconds of it starting on the first the track, ‘Feline’, it starts off with strings and then gently moves into tribal beats and the fast pace of the song builds up. Like a tornado whipping through a city, tearing its way through, this album has grabbed me and sucked me into the middle of it and I was gone, transported around for the next 13 songs. This album since its release has been on heavy repeat in my car, at home and at work.

“It doesn’t matter what you do, 
They’ll be hunting after you
Trap you like an animal.
And then everywhere you turn
There’s another torch that burns.
It doesn’t hurt me anymore.” (Feline)

human hair wigs Lyrically the album has a recurring them: Delta getting back on her feet and fighting back at all the obstacles thrown in her way and all the trolls & haters nasty pathetic words. This album is nothing like she has ever done before, both lyrically and musically. This is Delta more confident and powerful. The production is beyond exceptional. Delta’s voice is powerful, fragile and raw all at the same time.

The track that is perfectly sung with such purity and heartbreak, and with just the piano is the hauntingly beautiful, ‘Only Human’. This one was released as a single late last year and I still cannot get enough of listening to it, with its raw honest lyrics and probably because it resonates so much with me:

“I’ve given my heart and can’t get it back.
I’ve had too many knives thrown at my back.
Wouldn’t it be easy to throw it all away?
Wouldn’t it be easy to call it a day?
How do you love when you’re broken?
I’ve had enough, I’m only human.” (Only Human)

The brilliant and uplifting dance number, ‘Wings’ which was Delta’s return back at number one in Australia just a few months ago, is the perfect catchy dance pop song when you are needing a pick me, down on your spirit song to up lift you and give you strength.

Musically this is the album that Delta was born to make (a slight pun intended reference to her first number song, ‘Born To Try’) and it’s like nothing she has ever recorded before. Delta may have taken a few years off in between recording, doing other side projects but she deserved that musical break as it served to inspire, influence and look within herself to find the songs she was meant to write, sing and perform.

Delta Goodrem: 'Wings of the Wild' 2
Tickets now on-sale for the 'Wings of the Wild 2016 tour'

“This album is Delta’s, ‘I am woman, hear me roar’ 

Delta goes from uptempo tribal beats, to strings and wailing guitars to catchy pop dance sounds and then back to her beloved haunting piano ballads. Time and time again Delta sings about redemption, positive affirmations and finally being happy to just be herself.

The track, ‘Enough’ featuring rapper, Gizzle is brilliantly done, while still keeping to her style but not going for the popular rapper of the moment (.ie. Pitbull), this is a mark of genius move on Delta’a part. The song is heavy, with wailing guitars and piano and Delta sounding authoriative and not taking any more bullshit. This is her, ‘Battle Scars’ (by Guy Sebastian) moment.

“What do I got to say? How do I got to pray?
What do I got to do? Tell me.
Who do I got to be? What do you want from me?
What do I got to prove?
No matter what I do,
I’m not breaking for you, tell me.
What do I got to give, how do I gotta live,
When it’s not enough for you?
It’s not enough for you.” (Enough)

Her piano cover of The Darkness’, ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’ is just beyond brilliant and joyous. Originally performed at her brothers wedding last year in 2015, and then her version of the song was used in last year’s performance with one of the contestants on The Voice, is just angelic and saucy at the same time, matching the vocal high notes of the original leader sing of The Darkness and which may become the next song played at weddings.

Wings of the Wild is the album that Delta was spirited to record and she shows the trolls and haters, that she’s never giving up so you might as well get used to it as most definitely she’s is not going anywhere.

“The heart is a wild creature filled with feeling, the songs share those feelings with you, they share a story and take you on the path to finding libration. This album is about empowerment, friendship, pain, fun and redemption. It’s about being motivated by love. It’s about waiting your time to when you know when you regain the strength to run.  All the while you were hunting me, watching me, I was hunting you, watching you.  Enjoy the wings you find in the wild. I am.”    Delta Goodrem

Stand-out tracks: Feline, Wings, Enough, Only Human, I’m Not Giving Up, In The Name of Love, Heavy, The River, Encore and I Believe in a Thing Called Love.


1. Feline
2. Wings
3. Dear Life
4. Just Call
5. In The Name Of Love
6. Enough (feat. Gizzle)
7. Heavy
8. Only Human
9. The River
10. I’m Not Giving Up
11. Encore
12. Hold On
13. I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Delta Goodrem: 'Wings of the Wild' 3

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