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Oh i loveeee face masks!!!
Ive never tried chocolate tho, I would love to try it now with your post 🙂 Maybe i should go grab some later hahah

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Facial Threading
I LOVE getting my eyebrows threaded vs. plucking. I know it’s such a pain getting them done but it looks amazing and clean afterwards. I would recommend getting brows threaded over wax over plucking hands down!! speaking of, I should get mine done soon hahahaha

Such cute shoes!!! Ive always wondered tho, how did you do that photo slide thing? Ive been trynig to do something like that on my blog when I post albums but never knew what plug in to use or how to do it!

OoOo im lovin that blouse!! and that handbag!! 😀 Its in euros so im assuming it’ll probably be more expensive in CND hahaha 🙁

I love using facial masks as my nighttime routine! I bought a bunch of cute ones I have yet to try

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