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GIRL I am looooving your outfit!! I own like 1 turtle neck but I do love them! I just havent found the proper fit! and I also have a huge collection of OTKB like you and candy!! Some I’ve bought but never worn hahahah I just … like to look at them lol

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loving all these tips! Unplug and removing toxic friends are a huge factor into someone’s happiness and day-to-day life. I was waatching a video about frienemies, the ones who you dont know is a friend or an enemy but mentally drains you out because you’re constantly trying to figure out where you two stand. I think I reposted it on my COAS Facebook, its a good video to watch 😉 I didn’t know that it’s only approaching spring time there in AUS!! that’s so crazy, as we’er approaching fall/winter.

That sound so fun, I love that it’s hip hop music. I don’t normally do yoga but I would try if the music was hip hop 😉

Americano Retro Style & The Power of Being A Woman
YAS girl own it!! I love your photos! I love the campaign you decided to be a part of <3 Keep them fab fashion posts coming !!!

I love how you styled this outfit! It’s so cute, and you’re cute!! It’s great to wear relaxed clothing / or whatever clothing you want when you’re working, I could never do a uniform type job, it’s totally not in me to stick to one outfit everyday. Altho… with the amount of traveling I do and would love to do, I wouldn’t mind wearing a uniform doing airlines work lol

Aw, I hope you’re feeling better! I totally understand the whole friendships breaking your heart, it’s has happened to me before!! And I totally feel you on the anxiety portion – I live with anxiety everyday! But trust me girl, you’ll get through it! 🙂 You seem like a strong individual! It’s good to take breaks here and there, I’ve done it plenty of times – you need those breaks!! ALSO I’m digging your outfit. I also love all black everything so I may be biased hahaha but you look good girl – glad to have u back!

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