6 Ways to Sneak Self-Care into Your Busy Life

6 Ways to Sneak Self-Care into Your Busy Life | Style & Life by Susana

Love yourself first, and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”– Lucille Ball

At the end of a typical day, how do you usually feel? Do you feel as if you were the best version of yourself? More importantly, do you feel as if you gave yourself enough appreciation, or did you push your own needs aside once again?

How you treat yourself can have a great impact on your success and productivity throughout your life.

No matter how busy you feel or how many directions you are being pulled, there should always be time to care for yourself. Slipping in acts of kindness geared toward you throughout the day will help you blossom into the beautiful, confident and successful woman you are.

Having trouble getting started? Refer to the list below for how you can get ahead of self care.

Love What You Wear (Even Your Undergarments)

6 Ways to Sneak Self-Care into Your Busy Life | Style & Life by Susana

Self care can be as simple as what you put on in the morning.

As humans, we are impacted (mentally and physically) by the environment that surrounds us and what we get dressed in each day is our immediate environment.

As the base of our clothing, the undergarments we wear reflects on our self esteem, wellbeing, and even our mood for the day!

Wearing a bra that fits correctly will not only elevate your overall confidence but even improve health problems, such as back and neck pain.

Avoid any bras that have suffocating bands, ill-fitting cups, or the dreaded loose strap, as those can actually cause harm. Even your butt has its own shape, and should be shopped for accordingly.

Hit the Unfollow Button

Social media platforms have become a staple in our everyday lives. We are constantly updating our feed, checking out the latest Snapchat story, and brainstorming a new caption. We often close the app feeling worse than when we opened it.

Many women have taken steps to go on a social media cleanse to give themselves a refreshing break. However, a more permanent step you can take to better care for your well being is to hit that unfollow button.

It may feel weird and it can sure trigger that FOMO feeling, but trust me you will feel better once you do! These outlets should be places where you feel inspired, not to be put down and left out. Focus on following accounts that make you feel good, and push aside the negative.

Soak in A Hot Bath

Sparing a couple extra minutes for a bath instead of taking your usual evening shower is more beneficial than you think.

Baths have numerous health benefits and can be a nice quiet time to meditate and reflect on your day. This treat for yourself doesn’t even have to take a huge portion of your time, it could be once a week, or even once a month. You may however reap so many positive benefits, that making time for a bath could become part of your daily routine.

Show Gratitude

Show some gratitude to yourself! Don’t get me wrong, showing gratitude to your loved ones is also extremely important, but we often forget about ourselves. It won’t take long to simply thank yourself for whatever you’re doing or have done before.

When you’re washing your face or fixing your lunch, simply look at yourself in the mirror and express how much you appreciate you. It can feel corny and silly at first, but the repetition and reminder to yourself will eventually bleed into all aspects of your life.

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Get Better Rest

It seems simple enough, *go to bed earlier and you’ll become healthier*. Boom! Just like magic. However, with the chaotic, full lives we lead, this becomes difficult and feels almost impossible.

Between our families, deadlines, and social lives we make this step so hard for ourselves. Instead of trying to increase the amount of time you sleep, invest some time into improving your sleeping habits.

When you start getting a quality night’s sleep, you will wake up in better and more productive mood.

Clean in Portions

Similar to clothing, our home is a piece of our environment that impacts the way we feel. Constantly being surrounded by clutter or mess can cause you to feel out of control in your own home.

However, we all know the feeling of staring at a mess and not knowing where to begin. A great way to tackle this feeling is to focus on one project at a time. Maybe today can be a laundry day and tomorrow you focus on the bathroom.

Conquering each project one at a time will give you back that sense of control and allow for you to live in a space the promotes your creativity.


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