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6 Ways to Feel More Confident This Summer

BooHoo Collaboration | Style & Life by Susana
BooHoo Collaboration | Style & Life by Susana

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” —William Shakespeare

If you have plans to go on vacation, spend time on the beach or attend many a summer garden party, the chances are you will want to be brimming with confidence. Yet, it can often feel easier said than done if you are unhappy with your appearance.

Rather than hemming yourself indoors and allowing the sun-filled season to go to waste, find ways to improve your self-esteem and outlook. Read these six ways on how to feel more confident this summer!

6 Ways to Feel More Confident This Summer | Style & Life by Susana

⛱️ Book Laser Hair Removal

If you want to ensure your body is bikini ready in time for summer, you should book a laser hair removal treatment. It will eliminate unwanted hair, so you can enjoy smooth, silky skin all season long.

It will ensure you feel happy in your own skin when lounging by the pool or on the beach. Find out more about effective laser hair removal West Palm Beach.

⛱️ Treat Yourself to a Fake Tan

If your skin is a little on the pale side and makes you want to cover up your body, you can complement your silky smooth skin by applying a superb fake tan. It will help you to develop a healthy glow so that you will be bursting with confidence in a summer dress, bikini or t-shirt. It could make a dramatic difference to your self-esteem.

BooHoo Collaboration | Style & Life by Susana

⛱️ Start Strength Training

If you want to lose weight or tone up your muscles to ensure you both look and feel great in any summer outfit, embark on strength training. The resistance exercise focuses on muscular contraction, which can improve your physical strength and endurance while toning up your body.

⛱️ Change Your Posture

It is likely many people on the beach, at the bar or by the pool are battling with confidence issues each day, especially when baring their skin. Instead of allowing your self-esteem to ruin your summer, you must remember that many people are struggling with the same or similar insecurities to you.

So, rather than slumping your shoulders or slouching in your chair, sit or stand a little taller. You might be shocked by the huge difference changing your posture can have on your confidence levels.

6 Ways to Feel More Confident This Summer | Style & Life by Susana

⛱️ Buy Empowering Clothing

Wearing tight, uncomfortable clothing can make you feel insecure. If you are struggling to find a summer outfit in your wardrobe that makes you feel fabulous, take the time to find garments that raise your mood and self-confidence. Discover clothing that perfectly fit your frame and flatter your body shape, which will make you feel amazing once the season arrives.

⛱️ Enjoy a Manicure and Pedicure

Small changes can have a big impact on your mood. If you want to instantly improve your confidence, you might enjoy a manicure and pedicure, as it could make you feel stylish and feminine.

Also, pick a shade to suit the sunny season, such as hot pink, turquoise, or coral. As you will feel polished and fashionable, you may feel much happier in your appearance come summertime.

6 Ways to Feel More Confident This Summer 1

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