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6 Unique Fitness Ideas You’ll Love


Written by: Luke Douglas

[ctt template=”8″ link=”YKa75″ via=”yes” ]”Think of your work outs as important meetings you’ve scheduled with yourself. Bosses don’t cancel.”[/ctt]

We’ve all had those dreary days when even moving your rear-end off the couch feels like doing too much. It’s especially during days like these that we need a little pick-me-up, an extra fun activity that will not only serve as a decent workout, but also bring a smile to our face in an instant!

No matter the season, your fitness levels and your preferences, you will find at least a couple of worthy contestants on the following list to add to your existing fitness routine and spice up your days when things become all too familiar and dull! Sharpen your curiosity and get ready to burn some calories!



It’s feminine, sensual, sexy and challenging as hell – pole dancing has transformed from a taboo exotic practice into a worldwide fitness craze, and for a few excellent reasons.

Imagine performing graceful, beautiful dance moves to the rhythm of music in the background, aerial splits and twirling and swirling to your heart’s content, all the while fighting gravity and your own body weight.

Few other activities can compare in terms of building upper body, increasing your flexibilityand mobility, and giving you the level of confidence many never even knew was possible. All the while either barefoot, in stilettos, and in shorts and tees that flaunt your figure and show off your “pole kisses” (bruises you earn in class). Strength, elegance and sensuality, that’s what pole dancing is all about!



Indoors or out, learning those moves you’ve seen so many times performed by Olympian skaters, this dreamy sport is a perfect way to meditate while exercising, laugh out loud due to those initial clumsy steps and master the fine art of sculpting legs.

You can try group classes to reap the greatest rewards, but just picking up your ice-skates and heading to your nearest icy zone can be equally fun, as long as you know how to stay safe!



Ah, the infamous barbell, and the religiously avoided grunts and thumps of the buff ladies and gents who love their weight room. But, if you’ve never given those weights a decent go, this is the time to do it – it’s the best way to build your physique, improve your resilience, grow stronger, and burn fat.

With some safety gear such as gloves, wrist-wraps, durable compression clothing for improved recovery, and perhaps a lifting belt, you’ll be ready to taste the action. The benefits for your health and looks are endless, and let’s not forget how stress-relieving this activity can be.



It’s never too early or too late to start dancing, and your body will be grateful for the exercise, as well as the surge of happy hormones that are bound to flood your brain as a result.

But just to keep your body guessing, and your mind intrigued, there are many dance classes that vary in difficulty, and offer a brilliant cardio exercise at the same time.

Think: Zumba, jazz ballet, hip hop, bungee-assisted dance cardio classes, circus arts classes, and so many other fitness activities that revolve around amazing soundtracks and use music for inspiration. Don’t forget, even classics like tango and salsa can burn plenty of calories and help you stay fit.



Old but gold, as some would say, fencing is a superbly exciting way to exercise your mind and your muscles, all the while wearing a hilarious suit or armor and protective gear. This is ideal for those among you who flourish in a competitive environment, as you’ll always have an eager opponent to defeat.

But don’t underestimate its aerobic power, because fencing will pose a challenge even for the fittest among you, and it’s a great way to work on your speed, agility and reflexes, all in a single skill!



For fans of the great outdoors, bring out your inner nature-lover and get ready to get dirty!

Mud and obstacle races that are based in nature combine arduous strength work, speed, coordination, and endurance, all in the fresh air and plenty of dirt.

This is another solution for those who crave competition, and especially those who are already hard-core fitness freaks, because this is in no way for the faint of heart. Or perhaps this will be a perfect way to set a specific goal to prep for an upcoming event and enrich your existing fitness routine.



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