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What a great tips, thank you, Susana! I totally agree with you, spring is the best time to change your life.
I am trying to eat healthy and unplug myself from social media, but it is waaaaaay too difficult!

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Americano Retro Style & The Power of Being A Woman
Wow girl! Your pictures are gorgeous, so sexy and energetic! First outfit looks so gorgeous on you, like this jeans and shirt. Very casual yet sexy 🙂
Pretty Little things is such an great brand, will check it out!

Basic Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Style
Totally agree with you, actually any season you can look great without spending hundreds of dollars. I think coat is just perfect for a winter (and I love your coat very much), because you can combine it both with heels and sneakers and it will look good!

Grayton Watches | Product Review
Wow, this watch is amazing! I love automatic watches, cuz you can totally relax and not think about changing battery, etc. I love watches too, I this it is the best accessory ever.

Who Is, ‘Style & Life by Susana’?
Great post! This is what all of us need today: someone who can tell us the truth, cuz life became crazy with all this social media appearance.
It is great for me to know more things about you.

Such a nice and comfy look, love your pics, they are so funny 🙂
You look great in red btw. And that jeans and sunnies are amazing!

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