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You live in Arizona?! So do I! Where are you from? 🙂

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Winter Is Coming
You are in Arizona?! So am I! Where are from?

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This is awesome! I love using facial cleansing brushes! Once i started using them to cleanse my face, I couldn’t go back to using my hands. It just gets a better and deeper cleanse to get all the gunk and dirt out of your pores! Never heard of this one but maybe I’ll give it a try in the future!

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A Very Personal Update
You are strong woman! My heart cries for you! IVF really sucks and hurts lots of women who have trouble with conceiving and who can’t conceive. It is just heartbreaking! My husband and I have not fully started trying yet but I want a baby sooo bad and it crushes me everytime that monthly gift comes around, so I can only imagine my hurt if I went through what you went through! ♥ Stay strong girl!

I love jumpsuits! This one is super cute! Sometimes they are hard to find for me though because I am pretty short haha

How to Marinate Olives: Home-made Style
My mouth was drooling the whole time I read this post! I need to go raid my fridge for some olives now! I’m definitely going to have to try this❤

Celebrate Australia Day with a Tesalate Towel
Wow that view is gorgeous and your pictures are AMAZING! That towel is super cute too! I love towels that are vibrant❤

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