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I remember maybe 4-5 months ago, there was a thread in this facebook group for girls who like to travel about airline attire. Some go sooooooooo offended that God forbid you should dress nicely for a flight. They were offended that upgrades were occasionally given if someone dressed nicely. They were all like “well if I paid for my seat then I can wear what I want.” One girl was like “well I’m just glad that MY airline doesn’t do this.” It was so so funny how bothered some of them got about it.

I try to look put together when I fly. And you’re right that sometimes it could lead to a sweet upgrade!

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I really commend you for being so open about this. I also agree that asking for help is hard. We never want to bother people and we always want to try to be independent.

I definitely have a feminine style. While I do not own anything from Lauren Conrad, I’m sure I would love her stuff. I wish I would create new updos by accident. I always see those cute looks where people put their hair up and think “I wish I could make it look like that!”

I would be all about the craft distillery or hiking. Both are super cute and fun. I would be all down for the rooftop as long as no scaling of buildings would be involved. I had access to a rooftop in an old apartment of mine and it was awesome.

That watch looks like it would last forever. I love how quality it is. I also love the bold blue color.

Topics like sexuality, ageism, abuse and bullying need to be talked about. I’m glad that you’re not afraid to talk about this stuff. I’m excited to see what will come.