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I remember maybe 4-5 months ago, there was a thread in this facebook group for girls who like to travel about airline attire. Some go sooooooooo offended that God forbid you should dress nicely for a flight. They were offended that upgrades were occasionally given if someone dressed nicely. They were all like “well if I paid for my seat then I can wear what I want.” One girl was like “well I’m just glad that MY airline doesn’t do this.” It was so so funny how bothered some of them got about it.

I try to look put together when I fly. And you’re right that sometimes it could lead to a sweet upgrade!

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Well more than anything, I’m a dress fan! However I also love skirts. I love big skirts and a tucked in shirt. This look looks great on you!

I really commend you for being so open about this. I also agree that asking for help is hard. We never want to bother people and we always want to try to be independent.

I definitely have a feminine style. While I do not own anything from Lauren Conrad, I’m sure I would love her stuff. I wish I would create new updos by accident. I always see those cute looks where people put their hair up and think “I wish I could make it look like that!”

I would be all about the craft distillery or hiking. Both are super cute and fun. I would be all down for the rooftop as long as no scaling of buildings would be involved. I had access to a rooftop in an old apartment of mine and it was awesome.