Over the years of travelling so many times, mainly to Portugal, I’ve learnt how to plan, pack and dress for a long flight. I always like to dress in style but comfortability is extremely important on those super long flights.

I’ve never understood whenever I’ve been at the airport and I see people dressed in their old well worn in joggers (tracksuit pants). I don’t mean to sound all snobby and all high & mighty, and I completely understand people want to feel super comfy on these flights but it’s really not airport wear appropriate.

In some cases (I’m not saying all of them), if you look flight appropriate, just sometimes you might get extremely lucky and get upgraded! I actually do know this from one personal experience while flying with my parents many many years ago.


Mama, me and Papa at the Melbourne Airport in 1984, heading to Portugal

Now, every time we travelled to Portugal, my father always dressed up – and I mean dressed up. He always wore a shirt, tie, suit pants and some sort of blazer jacket, and my mother would wear some sort of lovely dress and low pointed flats. My parents were always very stylish dressers for travelling on a plane. Haha!

At this one particular time – I was about twenty years old at the time – the head pilot of Air France and the stewardess saw my parents, walked up to them and offered upgrading their seats to first class.

My father pointed over to me (I was sitting over at the seats) and said to the Pilot: “What about my daughter?” They both looked over at me and said no.

My father turned to them and said, “my daughter is travelling with us. If she doesn’t get a seat with us, then I am not interested, thank you.”

I watched the head pilot and stewardess look at each other, shrug their shoulders and reluctantly the head pilot then agreed.

Moral of the story: dress flight appropriately because you never ever know!

Ever since then I have always made sure I am dressed comfortable but still stylish to a certain degree. Again, a few years ago I was extremely lucky again to get upgraded to business class on a British Airways flight to Portugal with my mother.

Remember, it’s not always guaranteed but you really never ever know – sometimes they do take notice of what you are wearing. Here are few of my suggestions to keep in mind whenever you are travelling on a flight, whether its domestic or international:


  • Number one thing to always remember is that the temperature on the plane will always change throughout your flight. Hot, cold, hot, cold. So try to have at least one or two pieces of warm clothing items packed in your carry-on luggage.
  • Pack an extra top, shirt or jumper into your carry-on. By the time you’ve arrived at your destination, you will feel icky and by changing your top, it will make you feel refreshed.
  • Take a scarf. The type of scarf is yours. If it gets cold on the plane and your air-plane blanket isn’t giving you enough warmth, this way you will have your scarf to double up on warmth. Also, it looks very stylish with your outfit.
  • Always think of your luggage as part of your look as well. Now what I mean by that is that even though having a large hot pink suit case is great to stand out when you’re standing and waiting at the carousel, but as soon as you walk out of that airport, its definitely not a good look. Go for luggage that’s either neutral or black. Tie perhaps a coloured ribbon around the handle of your luggage to make it stand out at the carousel for you to notice.


  • No tracksuit (jogger) or harlem pants or even leggings when you’re heading to the airport. I know they are so so so super comfy (and I live in them on the weekend!!) but they aren’t really airport attire. It’s OK, if you have them packed into you carry-on luggage and change into them when you’re already on the plane for that long flight. Treat going to the airport like you’re going to lunch with the family to a nice restaurant.
  • No belt on your pants. The main reason being is that you will have to unbuckle and put it through the scanner (such a huge pain!!) and but you’ll be holding up the rest of the security line.
  • No loading up on jewellery. It’s the same as the belt issue. When you’re going through security in each port, you’re going to have undo every jewellery piece. Major pain for you! Keep all your jewellery in a zip lock bag, or tucked into one of the smaller compartments of your handbag, so this way you can access it when you’ve arrived at your destination  and put it back on.
  • Choose fabrics that won’t crease and make you look like you’ve spent the whole week in bed. Just not a good look. Try and choose tops that are either cashmere, thin cotton, soft knits or even viscose. These are great fabrics to travel in comfort and style on long flights. They will give enough flexibility to change positions in that cramped plane chair of yours!
  • Underwire bras. Que?? What??? I hear you ask. This one as well goes back to the airport security point. Your underwire bra can trigger the airports metal detector. So embarrassing if the security guard has to pat you down and then they discover its your bra triggering the detector. Haha!
  • Bring socks with you. Pack your favourite socks into your carry-on. Once you’re on a long international flight, you might want to slip off your shoes for comfort but to keep tootsies nice & warm, put on your favourite socks. They will help your feet feel comfy and stay warm.
  • No heels, gladiator shoes or tight boots. Wear shoes that are easy to slip off (again, because of the security point) but you will want your feet to feel comfortable when you are walking throughout the airports. Wear ballet flats, brogues or even ankle boots.


What do you like to wear when you go on a flight, and what’s worked well for you travelling on long flights? I’d love to know in the comments below xoxo