Dance Away the Problems


Written by: Roxana Oliver

“I just can’t control my feet when I hear the beat” is the way Gloria Estefan describes her mysterious condition in 1984 hit song Dr. Beat, and the truth is that this “illness” shouldn’t be treated at all. If anything, it should be encouraged.

Dancing is a well-known way to get your body on the move, but it’s also an excellent mood booster and an efficient stress relieving technique. And in today’s world, where feeling under pressure has become a daily routine, we need all the help we can get to deal with stress efficiently. Here are some ways in which dancing can improve your life.

What Pleases the Body, Pleases the Mind


The reason why dancing can reduce your stress levels is deeply rooted in science. If a particular thing has a positive effect on our body, it will consequently have the same effect on our mind, too.

Dancing is a type of physical activity, and becoming physically active in any way triggers the release of endorphins, a substance that helps us relieve stress and feel relaxed. Therefore dancing makes our bodies more flexible and distracts our minds from everyday troubles.

Apart from alleviating the stress and improving our mood, endorphins also have a positive impact on sleeping, so after a dancing session, you’re bound to have a good night’s sleep.

Dancing is a great way to Express Yourself


Due to the buttoned-up culture and upbringing that many of us were a part of, plenty of places where we spend most of our time, such as work environment, doesn’t encourage us to express our true inner selves.

Often people feel intimidated to show their true colors and remain withdrawn without discovering the rest of the world who they really are.

A dance floor is a safe zone where everyone can express their personalities without fear they will be judged by others. Enrolling in dance classes for adults might be the perfect escape from traditional norms and conventions that stop you from expressing the real you.

These classes can also help you overcome shyness and meet new people. They allow you to connect and socialize with your peers who feel the same way you do. And if you’re bursting with creativity, add up some costumes, glitz and glitter to your dance choreography, and the party can start!

Physical Health Benefits that arise from Dancing

Dancing is a more appealing alternative to working out, and it has the same benefits as a gym session. Additionally, you can dance regardless of your age and size and improve your overall health condition. Dancing has a positive effect on your heart and lungs, making you in better shape.

Through dancing, you can improve your muscle tone and increase your muscular strength, which results in being able to endure more.

All this can help if you’re trying to lose weight, so dancing can help you maintain a slim figure.

Also, dancing makes your bones stronger, thus minimizing the risk of getting osteoporosis. Moreover, dancing is beneficial for your coordination and motor skills, and it improves your spatial perception and balance.  Physical factors inevitably affect mental state, so feeling fit and in good shape will also reflect on your confidence, making you more self-assured and positive towards life.

People underestimate stress and often aren’t aware of its harmful effects. Being constantly exposed to stress for longer periods of time can cause serious health issues such as heart diseases and mental distress. We can easily prevent this by embracing dancing as the cure to all our stress-induced troubles.

Apart from physical benefits, dancing is an efficient way to lift our spirits and get rid of any negative emotions. It is a creative outlet for our daily frustrations and it can improve our social skills. After learning all this, do not hesitate to put on your dance shoes and dance all your worries away.

Do you like to dance? Do you dance to ease your stress away or what do you do to reduce your stress levels? I’d love to know in the comments below.

Roxana xx  

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