When it come’s to office work outfits and the company that you work for doesn’t have a standard work uniform, sometimes the daily thought of ‘OMG, what am I going to wear tomorrow to work?’, can be at times quite stressful and daunting – but way more so for a woman, than a man!!
I’ve selected here five basic and simple outfits that you can wear to work from Monday to Friday that are comfortable, exude that effortless-chic look and just make the mornings that much easier getting ready. I’ve relied on basic pieces that you most likely already own in your wardrobe so you won’t have to worry about venturing out into the wilderness of shopping!
Remember, you can mix and match each items around to give you a bigger variety per week. Happy working week!


One of the most simplest outfits to wear is the basic t-shirt and a tailored midi-skirt. Make sure the t-shirt sits just hangs slightly below your waist but sits on or above your hips. Anything lower than your hips is a no go zone, as that will turn your outfit from stylish to dowdy.  If you work in a conservative office then swap the t-shirt for a blouse of dressy tank top and add a waisted blazer.


I can tell you that the t-shirt dress has become of my favourite outfits to wear! It’s so simple and easy, but yet the look is street and stylish. Its really one of the of the most versatile pieces around and especially when it comes to work wear. You can wear it solo or add a skinny belt to add definition to your wait and accentuate your curves.


What is so sophisticated is the wide-leg pants, whether it be the palazzo pants or culottes. They are pretty much are a flattering look on everyone. I own quite a few as they are so comfortable, sleek and stylish, and minimise the female form in pretty much all the right places. Whether a sleek pair in solid black or a wild playful pair in a vivid print, you really can’t go wrong. Pair it with a sleeveless shirt and you are given understated sophistication.


You may cringe at the thought of wearing shorts to work, and I am the first one to admit I too have in the past refused to even contemplate wearing shorts! Wearing shorts to work can be a tricky one to pull off as it come’s down to I feel two important factors: the official dress code, work culture (creative versus conservative) and good judgment.
If you do wear shorts, choose ones with a nice fabric, of an appropriate length, and that can be paired with a dressy shirt and blazer. If your work says its all OK and you feel confident, then make sure to pair it with a dressy top and blazer.


In the past year, I have fallen in love with tunics, as they are one of the most versatile wardrobe pieces you can own, especially in the warmer months! Paired with either jeans, leggings or pants, they feel so easy, comfortable and add an understated exotic style.  The outfit formula can both be worn in a dressy way as well as casually chic. You can add a belt to the tunic which will change the whole look of the outfit, making it pop out. Don’t wear a tunic with flared or wide leg pants as it will make you look very dowdy, and really NQR (not quite right).

What’s your go-to summer work outfits that you love to wear, that are quick and simple – that I haven’t mentioned here. I would love to know your selections.
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