Happy “Fabulous Fashion Friday” everyone!

This week I have decided to put together an ENTIRE outfit that will cost you under $128.00 – from head to toe and that includes shoes and accessories!

I have always believed that fashion isn’t about how much you spend on an item or what name it’s associated with. It’s all about how you put the outfit together and how it makes you feel. I have always been able to find amazing pieces from all different locations and stores such as high street clothing places like Zara, MNG and H&M to the more budget related family stores like Target and K-mart, and of course at vintage shops and flea markets. And if you find the right pieces, no one will be able to guess how much you have spent on your outfit.

So here is an outfit I’ve put together for a casual outing on the weekend which has a street style vibe to it. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to look good.

As the Easter long weekend begins today, I wish you all my lovely amigos (no matter what your religious beliefs maybe) a happy and safe Easter. Please do take care out on the roads if you are travelling. Oh! and make sure you eat a chocolate egg or two (or maybe even three!). Have a happy Easter and fabulous fashion Friday.

Big hugs, Suz xoxo

TEMT - 'Crossover Wrap Top' $19.95
SUPRE - 'Stripe College Scraf' $20.00
H&M - 'Leaf Pendant Necklace' $7.95
Kmart Australia - 'Long Sleeve Waterfall Cardigan' $20.00
H&M - 'Shoulder Bag' $19.95
TARGET - 'Tatenda Espadrille Wedges $32.20'
Kmart Australia - 'Authentic Denim Skinny Jeans with Ankle Zip' $20.00
H&M - 'Braided Belt' $7.95


Please note that this post contains direct links to the stores and actual pieces that I am recommending. I don’t receive any type of endorsement or commission from these companies.

They are my own opinions and thoughts on the actual pieces.