Being male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of age. But being a gentleman is a matter of choice.

Credits: Bongani K Tau.  Follow on Instagram

Face value

How we look says a lot about who we are and what we stand for. We seldom realise how the way we look affects our frame of thought, how we act and how in turn people both perceive and treat us. As much as clothes don’t make a Man but they go far ahead to make a statement and place one on a mental pedestal when it comes to thin slicing.


Grooming is another essential part of Man that is often lightly regarded. Growing a scruff is not a sin until it is kept untrimmed, unwashed overall not taken care of.  A good visit to the barber for clean haircut is an inexpensive way to send out a message of cleanliness and also enhance your look. People spend a lot of time looking at your face and that is the starting point to make an impression.

Man Thinking

It was Ralph Waldo Emerson in the famous ‘American Scholar’ that came up with the phrase “Man Thinking”. Man needs a strong intellectual appeal. The ability to watch ourselves think is only given to a select few who have spent a lot of time understanding how to use their instruments and not to be subdued by them. Like Emerson, we are not interested in the book worm, not even in the thinker, only in Man Thinking.


Chivalry is often clothed with supererogation and hence has lost its true meaning and now seems unnecessary. The pioneers of chivalry had kindness as their religion. It is not so much about removing your coat jacket and covering a water puddle for a lady as it is about giving without expectation and a deep sense of drive to initiate acts that promote happiness.

Dress & Appearance

With the ideals of Man from an internal perspective set forth it’s only fitting that similar attention be paid to Man from a dress and appearance perspective as well. Shop for fit: labels, colours and designs do little or no justice to your appearance. A good fit introduces you as a brand that pays meticulous attention to detail. Secondary to shopping for your fit is shopping for your wardrobe. Mental dressing ensures that you pick items that go well with those you already have.


The crowning feature of Man is character. Man understands that life is not as elegant as he may look. Like Antaeus, the great wrestler from Greek mythology who gained strength by being thrown to the ground, Man needs a sense of character that affords him tenacity and the willpower to keep on keeping on against opposition, understanding a simple principle that without opposition life is meaningless and there can be no character or the refining thereof.

Man as a Brand

Man understands that he walks the streets as brand like any other. That how he looks what he does, who he keeps as close association, where he goes and how he carries himself speaks so loudly that what he eventually says cannot be heard from all the noise made by the actions. He understands that he has to have values as a barometer to measure the amount of the excellence of his soul-as this proves to be his only asset he will always have when all other assets have bended to the will of time.

Credits: Bongani K Tau.  Follow on Instagram