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❤️ Your story about Madonna!!!! Wish I could have been there…. I attended Rebel Heart Tour in NYC (Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center)

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MADONNA: TEARS of a CLOWN, Melbourne 2016
[…] last year was definitely no exception when she was on her Rebel Heart World Tour and more so her Tears of a Clown Show in Melbourne (Australia). Granted Madonna didn’t exactly make it easy for critics and the public by either starting […]

MADONNA: TEARS of a CLOWN, Melbourne 2016
[…] already see that this was a different Madonna to the one I saw on Thursday night last week at her  Tears of a Clown show . On that night she was raw, fragile, reflective and emotionally broken because of the continuing […]

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[…] button! I strongly encourage to block or delete anything that is not positive and that can have a detrimental affect on you emotionally and mentally. Even if you think you’re not paying attention to it, subconsciously you might be more than […]

[…] love as much anymore or that I don’t feel are connected to my style anymore, I will donate it to the Salvation Army. No need for clutter (plus it gives me more of a reason to buy new clothes too! ? […]

ICONIC: the wrap dress by DVF
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Zara is one of my favourite stores too! Love this outfit you’ve chosen. So classy.