Crushing big time on rose gold!

When I last travelled to Portugal in 2012 the big trend that was unleashed at that time was rose gold. On my daily ‘window shopping’ expeditions (cough cough), I had walked into the famous Dutch jewellery & accessories store, Bijou Brigitte and instantly fell in love, not just with the store but also the rose gold that stood in front of me on the shelves! Oh. My!

I couldn’t help myself (as it was calling my name, I tell you. Haha!) and pretty much just bought everything that was rose gold at Bijou Brigitte. That was the moment that started my love affair with rose gold, and any time I see anything in rose gold, I just buy it. No questions asked. I just buy it. It’s my preferred colour.

Rose gold can be added to any outfit you’re wearing and make it pop out buy giving it high glamour and edge. It mainly suits colour outfits such as black, olive/kahaki, and terrain colours to perfection. You just need to make sure you don’t over-do it with the jewellery/accessories in rose gold.

Personally myself, I would just have the earrings, watch and bracelet in rose gold and leaving my neck to be bare, but that really depends totally on what your outfit is and more importantly how YOU are feeling.


Crawwl Rose Gold by Windosr Smith - $139.95
Cotu Metallic by Superga - $119.95
Cuz Rose Gold by I Love Billy $99.95


Forever New - Madeline Grab Clutch -$34.99
ASOS - Dune Elenor Beaded Clutch Bag in Rose Gold $204.00
Colette by Colette Hayman - Hayley Piped Clutch - $24.99


DKNY Soho Watch - $230.37
Guess Sunrise Watch - $210.45
Michael Kors Oversize Rose Gold Tone - $199.95


River Island by ASOS - $16.50
Arrow spilt by Wanderlust & Co. - $40.00
St Xavier Arm Cuff by ASOS - $31.00


Geo Armour Ring by Wanderlust & Co. - $62.00
Rhapsody Ring by Mimco - $62.00
The Barbell Ring Set by The Dark Horse - $100.00