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This has hit the nail right on the head! I’ve been SO ANXIOUS these past days it’s ridiculous. Probably doesn’t help that I’ve been down with norovirus which means I literally couldn’t move out of the bed. That made me feel like I’m not doing any work and boom – not only that it made me feel worse but it made me stressed on top of it. We really need to realise that nothing is permanent and things always change. And it could be MUCH worse. That’s what I always remind myself of. Like that guy that got sacked from work for playing with his weener haha it could always be much worse! x

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Proper Madonnaesque!:) I actually can’t believe what a good of a match to that commercial it is haha! You should do ‘Who wore it better!’ – Obviously you:) I really need to get some rosary beads again, I used to love wearing them but then I broke up with that bloke who’s they were and now I have none haha! X

What a brilliant post from Sophie – just look at those veggie chips, mine NEVER look this amazing haha! x

Oh my god I love this Susana! You honestly just don’t give a toss and all you want to do is be you and make the world a better place. If only there was more than one of you, that would make the world a much better place already haha! You have so much passion and drive in you it’s amazing! I wish I had just a tiny sliver of it to get me through the day haha, would be so much easier! You will do great things on your blog, you already are, but they’ll be even greater and greater:) Oh and I’m loving the singing, I was singing in my house yesterday like SO loud I don’t think the neighbours were very happy about it haha! xxx

Looking beautiful as always! By the way Mango have the best dresses, I buy my dresses there or in Zara/H&M. That’s about it to be fair! And totally agree with you that it’s a bull not to say anything personal on your blog. That’s so 2011 when people were cutting out their heads from their photos because they didn’t want anyone to know it was their blog. There are so many blogs right now that personality is the only thing that can differentiate us! And you’re brilliant at that so carry on doing you:) xxx

I love LOVE LOOOOOVE Katy Perry. Shaun can’t get it because he thinks she can’t sing (which I do admit is a little wobbly in real life – I’ve been to her concert and it’s all about those effects rather than actual singing) but that doesn’t mean anything to me, as long as it sounds good on Spotify I’m happy haha! I’m so scared to listen to her album. I heard one song and it confused me so much! I might brave it today or you know, leave it until tomorrow and just listen to her old albums haha! xx