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Great tips Susana! I would particularly agree with ‘Nothing is Permanent’, I say this to myself every time I’m having a rough patch. And letting go of trying to control everything is something I find SO difficult. I’ve fought getting help with the Twins for so long because, you know, I’m super-woman. Eventually I listened to my loved ones who could see I was struggling, even if I couldn’t, and got some childcare… wow what a difference, just let go a couple of times a week!

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Loving the cosy look… we’re pushing 100 here in Arizona so I don’t think I’ll need the lovely poncho anytime soon, lol!

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It was such a sad and shocking day! I saw Prince live about 8yrs ago and I can honestly say it was the best live show I have ever seen. True Legend.

Behind the Mirror – Living with Anxiety
My husband suffers from anxiety and I always find it very useful to hear people talk about it because I’ve never really expeienced it myself. It’s very difficult to deal with an anxiety attack when you don’t know how it feels!

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch – ‘This Is Us’
Ooo… I’ve never seen this but love a recommendation for an new show. I” in the market for a new one!

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