Spray mists that balance and centre each of the seven chakras, penetrating right into you body, mind & soul to restore serenity, balance and harmony in whatever circumstances that are occurring.

Calming the spirit and bringing the persons mood & feelings back into a natural state of the highest consciousness and being, recharging your aura. Over time, we pick up little bits of other people’s energies and emotions, whether it good or negative however the energy does not belongs to us therefore it can affect our very own being & state of mind, affecting our balance & grounding.

All spray mists are made with 100% natural mineral water and organic essential oils.

Keep your aura cleansed, balanced & recharged with ‘Terra & Sol”.

This product will be available to the public very shortly.

For all interest, please send me an email ( and I will let you know when they becomes available.


IVF: 30 day natural supplement packs (including info booklet)

These packs have been put together for women who are undergoing IVF treatment & even for those who are trying to conceive naturally. Knowing what supplements to exactly take can be quite overwhelming. These are the herbs and nutrients that have been found over & over to provide reliable results for the most common issues IVF presents.  You will receive a 30 day supplement pack with the all the necessary required supplements, including a detailed booklet on the natural supplements all in a secure box, with a complimentary gift to support & comfort you.

This product will be available to the public shortly.

For all interest, please send me an email ( and I will let you know when they becomes available.


eBook: IVF

The eBook for anyone who is thinking about starting IVF or who is already on that journey.

Don’t waste your time any longer on Dr Google or searching the internet, this eBook will give you detailed & complete information that you need and must to know before starting IVF (or even if you have just had a cycle or two). All information has been compiled during countless cycles of IVF treatments and is extremely beneficial for any one undergoing IVF.

This eBook is will help you reduce future costs of IVF treatments, wasted time of ongoing unsuccessful cycles and to hopefully reduce your heartache a little. This is the information I wish I had known right at the start of my first cycle. This is the eBook is to help anyone on their IVF journey that doctors and clinics just don’t provide to their patients.

Coming soon.

Terra & Sol: chakra cleansing & balancing spray mist